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Integrated 'Information Sharing' reviews

Assessing the development of two year olds in Staffordshire

We are committed to ensuring every child has the best start in life. We know that a child’s brain is 80% developed by the age of three. The first 1001 days are crucial for a child’s development.

We are now working closely with childcare providers and health visitors to roll out an integrated ‘information sharing’ check for two year olds. This will involve pulling together both ‘professional’ assessments to ensure parents have a holistic and comprehensive record of their child’s health and development before their third birthday.

This review should give parents the information they need to support their child to be ready for school. It should also make sure that any children who may need a little extra support and help get it early.

National Children’s Bureau (NCB) has produced a guide to support Integrated Reviews. The handbook gives useful information on

  • The links between health and development reviews
  • Ages and stages questionnaire
  • Early years foundation stage



Top tips and facts of Integrated Review for childcare settings

This provides background information and top tips for childcare settings to consider when implementing integrated reviews.


This flowchart provides the process for completing an integrated review in Staffordshire. Ensure all practitioners working with two year olds are aware of the integrated review process.

How to complete a progress check and working with families

This comprehensive guide provides advice for practitioners about how to complete the progress check.

The Graduate Approach can advise professionals / practitioners on how to put actions in place, engage with parents and how to review and assess progress.

Two year progress check – template form

This is the progress check form which can be used/ completed by childcare settings.

Example of a completed progress check Form

This is an example of a completed progress check at age two.


Settings can display this poster in their provision to help raise awareness of integrated reviews.

Letter for parents

Settings can send this letter to parents with children at approximately two years of age. The letter will advise about the integrated review process. Settings can print off can add their address and signature to the letter

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