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Youth offending service

Volunteer community panel member

If the following applies to you then you could become a Volunteer community panel member:
  • over 18 years of age
  • creative
  • good at listening and talking
  • looking for a challenge
  • concerned about crime in your local community
  • want to make a difference


Referral panels are a new way of dealing with young people who start committing crimes.

Local people will take the lead in:

  • ensuring young people take responsibility for their behaviour
  • helping put things right for those harmed
  • promoting young people’s place in their community
  • helping young people to change their behaviour for good

Panels will give those harmed a chance to let the young person know how the crime has affected them and what might help put things right. Panel members will then talk and listen to everyone to agree a plan of action.

The plan of action will be designed to put right the harm already done and prevent future offending. The panel will meet to check progress and may refer to the youth court if the young person is unreasonable.

Application form

Further information

For further information please contact:

Lindsey Catchpole, south west Staffordshire
Phone: 01785 277022

Andy Spearing, north Staffordshire
Phone: 01782 297615

Ian Paton, south east Staffordshire
01543 510103

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