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Types of schools

Maintained Schools

These are schools maintained by local authorities. They include community schools, special schools, voluntary aided schools, voluntary controlled schools and foundation schools. The majority of schools in Staffordshire are maintained schools.

  • Community Schools: These are state-funded schools in England and Wales. The local education authority is responsible for admissions, employs the school staff and owns the school's land and assets.
  • Voluntary Controlled Schools: These are state-funded schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. A foundation or trust, usually a Christian one, influences how the school is run. These schools have less autonomy than voluntary aided schools.
  • Voluntary Aided Schools: These are state-funded schools in England or Wales. Usually a religious organisation contributes to their building costs. It will have a major influence in the running of the school.
  • Foundation Schools: These are state-funded schools in England or Wales. The governing body has more freedom in the running of the school than community schools and are supported by a charitable foundation or trust. Their funding is the same as other local authority maintained schools. The school employs its own staff and manages its own land and assets. The trust appoints the school governors.


Academy schools are state-funded schools in England. They are funded by the Department for Education and not controlled by local authorities.

University Technical Colleges

University Technical Colleges (UTCs) are schools for 14–19 year olds. They deliver an innovative, high-quality education that combines technical, practical and academic learning. In doing so, they offer students more than the traditional GCSE and A Level curriculum.

Find out information about UTCs in and around Staffordshire.

Studio Schools

Studio Schools are a new type of school for 14-19 year olds. They have employer involvement in the curriculum and teach through enterprise projects and real work so that learning is rooted in real-life and students develop the skills employers value.

Find out information about studio schools in and around Staffordshire.

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Latest education news
More schools scheduled to be built in Staffordshire

More schools scheduled to be built in Staffordshire

More schools could be built in Staffordshire and a number refurbished to cope with an increasing demand for pupil places.
09 October 2019
More opportunities than ever for GCSE Pupils

More opportunities than ever for GCSE Pupils

Students in Staffordshire who are nervously awaiting their GCSE results are being told there are now more opportunities than ever to achieve a fulfilling career.
22 August 2019
Staffordshire care leavers get helping hand to university and college

Staffordshire care leavers get helping hand to university and college

As young people in the county are celebrating their A-Level results, 12 teenagers leaving care in Staffordshire will get an extra boost on their way to university and college.
15 August 2019
Millions of pounds invested in new Staffordshire schools

Millions of pounds invested in new Staffordshire schools

An anticipated £300 million will be spent on building new schools and creating extra places.
19 July 2019

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