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Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

Under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, we have a responsibility as a lead local flood authority to develop a local flood risk management strategy for Staffordshire.

The act encourages collaborative working and we are working with Shropshire Council to deliver their flood risk management responsibilities which include the production of our respective flood risk management strategies.

The strategy covers local sources of flooding and is consistent with the Environment Agency’s national flood risk management strategy.

What our local flood risk management strategy sets out

  • Which organisations have responsibility for flood risk management in Staffordshire and Shropshire
  • Partnership arrangements to ensure co-ordination between responsible organisations
  • Actions for all organisations managing flood risk
  • How we prioritise where to take action so that the greatest benefits for those who flood can be realised
  • Where funding comes from
  • How we can enhance the environment

Our policies

The Strategy also sets out what our policies are as the Lead Local Flood Authority for Staffordshire. This includes information on:

  • When we will investigate flooding incidents
  • How we will collate data on flood risk assets
  • Where we will designate third party assets affecting flood risk
  • How we will respond to planning applications
  • How we will work with others to develop flood risk schemes
  • How we will preserve watercourses in their natural state
  • When we will take land drainage enforcement action
  • How we will seek to improve the environment

How we will monitor progress

The strategy action plan will be monitored by the joint steering group and project board that we have with Shropshire Council. We will publish an annual statement which outlines where we have taken action in line with our priorities.

Assessing the impacts on the environment

Strategic environmental assessment

Under European legislation, we have have produced a strategic environment assessment (SEA) to ensure that we do not accidentally take actions that might damage the environment.

The SEA post-adoption statement in the table below outlines how monitoring of the potential environmental impacts will be undertaken.

Habitats regulations assessment

A habitat regulations assessment has also been completed. It concluded that, with some minor changes to the strategy, European designated sites are not likely to be significantly negatively affected by any plans or projects.

The recommended changes have now been made to the strategy.


The local flood risk management strategy for Staffordshire consists of the following:

  • Local flood risk management strategy - summary (526 KB)
    A brief summary of parts 1 and 2 of the strategy.
  • Part 1 - shared strategy (1.1 MB)
    Part 1 is shared with Shropshire and sets out roles and responsibilities for flood risk management, objectives, funding for flood risk management, environmental opportunities, and provides advice for property owners.
  • Part 2 - Staffordshire policies and procedures (814 KB)
    Part 2 is specific to Staffordshire and sets out our policies as the lead local flood authority, the action plan, and how we will prioritise what we do.
  • Part 3 - environmental assessment  (1.6 MB)
    The strategic environmental assessment aims to analyse the potential environmental impacts from the local flood risk management strategy and describes any mitigation required to reduce or remove the risk of these impacts.
  • Appendix A1 (2.5 MB)
    Map: Shropshire and Staffordshire council boundaries.
  • Appendix A2 (2.3 MB)
    Map: internal drainage boards.
  • Appendix A3 (1.7 MB)
    Map: sewer company boundaries.
  • Appendix A4 (2.0 MB)
    Map: environment agency areas.
  • Appendix A5 (1.6 MB)
    Map: regional flood and coastal committees.
  • Appendix A6 (3.7 MB)
    Map: watercourses and internal drainage boards.
  • Appendix A9 (1.9 MB)
    Map: top 10 rural communities at risk.
  • Appendix A10 (1.9 MB)
    Map: top 10 urban communities at risk.
  • Appendix A11 (577 KB)
    Strategic environmental assessment post-adoption statement. This document summarises the potential environmental impacts of the local flood risk management strategy and describes how we will monitor these.

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