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Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

Under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, we have a responsibility as a lead local flood authority to develop a local flood risk management strategy for Staffordshire.

The strategy covers local sources of flooding and is consistent with the Environment Agency’s national flood risk management strategy.


What our local flood risk management strategy sets out

  • Which organisations have responsibility for flood risk management in Staffordshire
  • Partnership arrangements to ensure co-ordination between responsible organisations
  • Actions for all organisations managing flood risk
  • How we prioritise where to take action so that the greatest benefits for those who flood can be realised
  • Where funding comes from
  • How we can enhance the environment


Our policies

The Strategy also sets out what our policies are as the Lead Local Flood Authority for Staffordshire. This includes information on:

  • When we will investigate flooding incidents
  • How we will collate data on flood risk assets
  • Where we will designate third party assets affecting flood risk
  • How we will respond to planning applications
  • How we will work with others to develop flood risk schemes
  • How we will preserve watercourses in their natural state
  • When we will take land drainage enforcement action
  • How we will seek to improve the environment


How we will monitor progress

We will publish an annual statement which outlines where we have taken action in line with our priorities.


Local Flood Risk Management Strategy Update

This is an update to our local flood risk management strategy provided in 2015.

The update includes the following:

  • A more user-friendly summary including overview of key objectives
  • A refresh of objectives to make them more focused and consistent with National Strategy
  • The previous strategy was between Shropshire Council and Staffordshire County Council, whereas this strategy update is solely for Staffordshire County Council
  • An update on the action plan to bring this up-to-date, in line with National Flood Risk Strategies, and to increase our scope
  • An update on policies given experience and wider policy changes since the last strategy
  • Includes feedback from a public consultation and relevant partner organisations 
  • More focus on community engagement and innovation


Our main Strategy Summary and Action Plan

Local Flood Risk Management Strategy Summary 2024 update (1.2 MB)

Local Flood Risk Management Strategy Action Plan (775 KB)


Key guidance notes and policy documents that form our strategy

Advice for Property Owners and Residents (475 KB)

Roles and Responsibilities (783 KB)

Context of our updated Local Flood Risk Management Strategy (641 KB)

Local Policies in Relation to Flood Risk Management (1.2 MB)

Objectives (689 KB)

Wider Environmental Objectives (498 KB)

Overview of Flood Risk in Staffordshire (337 KB)

Flood Risk Management Functions (493 KB)

Glossary (240 KB)

Strategic Environmental Assessment (1.38 MB)

Strategic Environmental Assessment Post Adoption Statement (635 KB)

Habitat Regulations Assessment  (427 KB)


Key maps


Planned Local Flood Risk Management Strategy Revision

In January 2023, Defra published a “Review for implementation of Schedule 3 to the Flood & Water Management Act 2010”. Based on this, government have agreed to the recommendation to implement Schedule 3.

Under Schedule 3, Staffordshire County Council will take the role of SuDS Approval Body (SAB), responsible for approval of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) and possibly adoption and maintenance of surface water features.

It is expected that statutory instruments, guidance, and technical standards will be published in 2024. This is likely to bring about significant changes in the scope and extent of the County as a Lead Local Flood Authority.

The revised Local Flood Risk Management Strategy is intended to be initiated in 2024 when the announcement for Schedule 3 is expected, with publication in 2024/2025, and will include:

  • A detailed appraisal of preferred options
  • How we will bring in Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act
  • A more thorough review of the document given these
  • Additional suggestions from public consultation and partner organisations


Previous Local Flood Risk Management Strategy Documents

Part 1 - shared strategy (1.1 MB)

Part 2 - Staffordshire policies and procedures (814 KB)

Part 3 - Environmental assessment  (1.6 MB)


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