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Easing of Coronavirus restrictions

School Transport General Frequently Asked Questions

Will temporary vacant seats be reinstated for September 2021?

The temporary vacant seat scheme is suspended at present due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are unable to offer the scheme in order to maximise space on school transport for entitled pupils.  If you wish to be updated with changes to the current situation please send your email address to TemporaryVacantSeatScheme We will only make contact with you if there are any changes to the current suspension of the scheme.

When will I receive my child’s bus pass?

Your child’s bus pass will be issued before the commencement of the Autumn Term, you do not need to make a separate application for travel assistance.

What do I do if my child loses their bus pass?

You will need to obtain a replacement bus pass for your child. There is a £10.00 charge for a replacement pass.  In the meantime, your child can obtain a temporary bus pass from the school office.

I am moving to a new house will I still be entitled to free school transport?

Please use the online school route checker to see if you may be entitled to free travel assistance. If you wish to make an application for school transport please fill in the application form.

I have received my child’s bus pass and I would like to alter the pick-up point, vehicle, route, what do I need to do?

if you have changed address, then see the question on moving to a new house.  For any other reason you will need to email student.transport@staffordshire.gov.uk with your request and reasons for requiring the change.

Please note: due to the current circumstances this may not be possible.

I am not entitled to free school transport what are my other options?

  •  Active Travel
  • Local service transport, you can check your options on Travel Line the Travel Line website
  • In some cases, schools provide their own transport options, enquire at your child’s school.

Where do I find the timetable for local bus services to school?

What do I do if the bus does not turn up to collect my child in the morning?

Parents are responsible for their children until they board the vehicle, so it is a parent’s responsibility to have a plan in place for their child if the bus fails to turn up or if it is late. 

We recommend all parents and children to sign up for the School Transport Text Alerts – once registered they will receive information regarding school transport, for instance - if the bus is running late, if there is a problem and what the solution is:

Who is responsible for ensuring my child wears their seat belt whilst travelling on school transport?

It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child understands that they must wear their seat belt during the school journey.  It is not the driver’s responsibility.

My child has missed the afternoon bus home from school what should they do?

Children who miss the afternoon bus home should return to school and let a member of staff know what has happened.  It is the parent’s responsibility to make arrangements to get their child home from school.

My child had to stay later in school, will the school transport still bring them home?

No, if you child needs to remain in school for any reason it is the parent’s responsibility to make arrangements to get their child home.  If your child uses local service transport, they may be able to get a later bus to get home, we will not refund any additional fares the child may be charged.

I am not happy with the transport arrangements I have been offered for my child, what are my options?

If you feel that the transport offer is not suitable then firstly please read our policy.

Email the School Transport team to discuss the available alternatives for your child at student.transport@staffordshire.gov.uk

If after reading this you want to appeal the decision you can do so by using the review request form and providing all the supporting information you feel is necessary to make your case as to why it is not suitable.  

My child is going in to sixth form / college in September – how do I arrange a free/subsidised bus pass?

Whilst some pupils of statutory school age have an entitlement to free travel assistance, this ends once they become of sixth form age. For details of the travel assistance available for post 16 students, please visit our post 16 transport statement. Our offer of assistance focuses on those who have learning difficulties or disabilities which affect their ability to make the journey.

I have applied for/checked if I am entitled to free travel and been refused but I disagree. What can I do?

Firstly please check the policy as to who is entitled to free travel and why if you feel that the policy has not been properly applied and you have been incorrectly refused, or you have exceptional circumstances you feel should be considered, please complete the review request form and provide all supporting information you wish to be considered. Having previously used a vacant seat but one is now not available, or work and other childcare commitments, would not on their own be considered exceptional reasons for free travel to be given.

Parents/Carers are separated and live at different addresses. Are we able to have a bus pass from both addresses?

Unfortunately no, free travel assistance is provided between the child’s permanent home address and their registered school only. If a child spends time during the school week at more than one address, it is the main address i.e. the one held by the school and that proof can be produced showing it is registered for the purpose of claiming child benefit, from which eligibility for free travel assistance will be assessed.

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