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Invoice Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have received an invoice from us and you need to update us about any changes, please review the FAQ’s below to see if they provide the answers that you need.

Please note that some answers relate to:

Residential Care - care received in a residential or nursing home that is not for a respite stay

Care in your own home – care received whilst your own home remains your place of residence, this can include short periods in a care home for a respite stay.

The FAQ's are split into three sections:


General questions 

What does everything on my invoice mean? 

Below is an example invoice that explains the various parts of the invoice and how to relate to the care you, or your loved ones, are receiving.

 Dummy Invoice John Smith PDF.

I want to receive my invoice by email?

If you wish to have your invoice emailed to you, please let us have the email address by emailing us at cc3vendorchanges@staffordshire.gov.uk or contacting Staffordshire Cares on 0300 111 8010 providing the customer number from the invoice.


Setting up a direct debit

Paying by direct debit is our preferred option. Please email payments who will send you a form to complete. Further information about direct debits can be found on our setting up Direct Debit payments with us page.

Disputed Invoices

If you are disputing an invoice please note that they remain payable whilst an investigation takes place.  If the invoice remains unpaid you will receive reminders of the invoice.  If after the conclusion of the investigation it is found that corrections/reductions are required these will be made and any necessary credits issued will be offset against money owed for care which has not been paid.  Only where there are no ongoing invoices for care will a refund be issued.


I need to report a death?

Please contact us with the following information:

  • Date of Death.
  • Client ID or Customer Number (this will be on your invoice).
  • Last date care was delivered.
  • Prior to the person passing were they admitted to hospital/hospice/at home. If so, when?
  • Details of the person dealing with the estate – ie executor, Solicitors or Power of Attorney.

Email staffordshirecares@staffordshire.gov.uk  
Phone 0300 111 8010


Residential care 

There may be a delay in receiving your first invoice.  You will be charged a provisional rate from the date of admission to the home until the financial assessment has been completed and the actual charge known.  It should be noted that in most instances the amount of income that you will be able to retain per week is £28.25.  If you are spending above this amount you will struggle to pay the invoice when it is received.


What is the provisional charge?

This is the amount that will be charged to you until a financial assessment has been completed.  It is based on minimum income you are entitled to receive and should be affordable if you are claiming the right benefits. Once the financial assessment is completed the actual charge will be backdated to the start of care.


Why have I received a large invoice after my financial assessment?

A provisional rate is charged from admission to a care home.  When the financial assessment is completed, this will calculate a client charge that you can afford to pay from your assets and income.  This may be significantly more than the provisional rate that you were charged.  An invoice will be sent to you to charge the difference now due.  This difference is the new assessed rate per week minus the provisional rate previously charged.


Why do I now get an invoice from the Council and not the Care Home?

With effect from 14 August 2022 Staffordshire County Council has collected the client charges from residents of care homes.  Previously these charges were collected by the care home.  If you were admitted to a care home earlier than 14 August 2022 you may have been charged by the council from a date before 14 August 2022 to make it easier for residents.


Why does the invoice have the name of the previous care home on it not the one I am now resident in?

If you move from one care home to another the client charge will be the same amount per week unless you pay the full cost of your care.  As your client charge is the amount that you can afford to pay per week it will not usually change.  There may be a delay in the invoice showing the correct care home name whilst our system is updated.  If you pay the invoice received it will show on your customer account and will be paid towards any monies owed at the new home once the records are updated.  At this time, you will receive a credit note for the previous home and new invoice for the new home.


Why have I been charged for 3 days after the date of death?

When funding is provided in a care home by Staffordshire County Council it is under a contract with the care home.  This contract includes a payment to the home for the full cost of the care for 3 days after a resident has passed away.  The client charge and any private top up form part of this payment and these charges are invoiced to a sponsor and the estate of the former resident. 

The payment of this is part of the contract with the resident which is a standard period and cannot be altered.


Care in your own home 

I have not received my invoice

  • You will only receive an invoice once your care has been arranged and a financial assessment has taken place. Occasionally there may be a delay in receiving your first invoice but once this is entered your invoices will be 4 weekly. Charges will always commence from when your chargeable care starts.


Charging Periods

  • We charge for the care you receive from Sunday to Saturday each week.

Replacement Care (Respite)

  • You will be charged from the day of admission and including the day you leave.

Increasing or reducing your care

  • If you wish to change or discuss your care delivery, please speak to the Duty Team at your local district office.
  • Hospital visits, missed care or calls, cancelled calls or Respite Care: please notify us using our online form -  Report an instance of missed care or call Staffordshire Cares 0300 111 8010 to report any changes.
  • If there have been any changes to your care this may not be shown on your invoice immediately.

Cancelled or missed calls

  • Hospital visits, missed care calls, cancelled calls or Respite Care: please notify us using our online form -  Report an instance of missed care or call Staffordshire Cares 0300 111 8010 to report any changes.
  • The Care provider requires a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. 
  • If you have notified us of a cancelled or missed call an adjustment may be made to your next invoice.


Replacement Care (Reablement) 

  • This is non chargeable for a period UP TO 6 weeks but not for a guaranteed 6-week period. Your care needs will be reviewed during this period. Please see our pages about reablement.
  • You will be charged for your care after your reablement period ends. This may be the with the same care provider.  Please see our funding the cost of care pages for further information.


I have received an invoice after care has stopped and I am still being charged?

Please let us know by contacting us on email jfu.non.residential@staffordshire.gov.uk or call Staffordshire Cares 0300 111 8010 to report any changes.


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