Education and Learning

I want to...


Apply for a school place

Find out how to apply for admission to a school.

Check term dates

Get information on dates and school holidays.

Find out about emergency closures

Check which schools are closed.

Get childcare

Find information on childcare, children's centres and funded early education places.


Find activities for children under 5

Search for activities in your area.

Go on a course

Look at the wide range of short courses for adults and families that are available.

Get a funded childcare place

Find out what's available for for 2, 3 and 4 year olds.

Find support for my child

Check what help is available.

Apply for free school meals

Find out about free school meals and how to apply.

Get support for special educational needs and disabilities

See what's available.

Use the education welfare service

Learn about attendance, children missing education, child employment and exclusions.

Make a comment about a school

Find out how to make a comment or a complaint about a school.
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