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Getting access to support

We want to deal with your enquiry or request for support safely and as quickly as possible. Please think about the nature of your concern before you get in touch.


How do I access Families First services?

Existing cases

Contact the children’s service professional allocated to the case.

If you don’t have the contact details for the allocated worker but have their name, contact us on 0300 111 8010.

If you don’t have the name of the person you need, then call the team covering the child’s local area who will be able to help you. Contact details are available online.

Early intervention

Do you have a concern over a child or young person’s general wellbeing? Or an issue with families in the community that we need to address at an early stage to stop the problem getting worse? This includes level 2-3 on the continuum of need such as:

  • School attendance problems
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Anti-social behaviour

Contact your your local support team co-ordinator.

county-wide referral form can also be found on the Staffordshire safeguarding children's board site.

Child protection or safeguarding

Contact the First Response service immediately if your concern is about:

  • A child protection or safeguarding concern where you are aware of a serious problem and are worried that a child is suffering harm.


  • A child is living in circumstances where maltreatment is resulting in a lack of safe and effective care or an impairment of their health and development. This is level 4 on the continuum of need.

Requests for support for a child with a disability or for support from an occapational therapist

Please contact the First Response service.


Getting consent

Before asking us for support please remember the following:

In general, seek to discuss any concerns with the child and family. Where possible, seek their agreement to make a referral to children’s services. You should only ask us for help if it will not place the child or others at increased risk of suffering significant harm.

Consent is not required for child protection referrals. You should inform the parents that you are making such a referral unless by alerting them you are putting that child or others at risk.


The multi-agency safeguarding hub

Our First Response service is part of the multi-agency safeguarding hub (MASH).

MASH brings together people from police, health services and local authorities. They can share information and take an informed decision over the best course of action.


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