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Video transcript: Patrizia with some simple ways to help with dressing and washing

Start of transcript.

Do you have problems with dressing? If you do, we have got different tools that you can use.

This is called a dressing stick you can use to help put your shoes on. You can put your foot in and there you go. Also, there is a piece on this side that you can use to hook your trousers on or your pants and also your shirts, jumpers, cardigans anything like that. It will go up your sleeve as well, this is one of the things we use.

Do you have problems with washing? Or washing your back and legs or any other part of your body, there are different equipment you can use. This is like a long handled sponge, sometimes people prefer these. You have then got another piece of equipment which is like a long handle which is a scrunchie. So, with this sponge which if you wanted to wash your leg, you can just put your soap on shower gel whichever you want to use. People like the scrunchie one as it is softer and doesn’t splash the water so much as the sponge, it is also good at washing your arms, legs or back and those hard to reach. You can get another one that I believe that you can use to clean in between your toes.

This is what we call a leg lifter, if you are having problems with getting into bed. You can hook it onto your foot you have a little loop there where you hook it round your wrist and you then lift your leg into bed if you are struggling with that. It is very good for people who have got problems with their hips and cannot get into bed and it is a good piece of equipment that’s used.

This is a long handled comb that people can have, if they have got problems with their joints, problems with their hands, arthritis they can just comb their hair and you can have it a little bit shorter if you wanted to.

This is another piece of equipment a lotion/ cream applicator that’s good if you are struggling to put cream on its got a little terry toweling, you put this into your cream pot and then you can then cream your legs or your back on your arm or anywhere else you are struggling to reach.

This is called Helping hands and a lot of people find it very, very useful really. Really easy to use, you just press the handle put your fingers on there, it’s got finger grooves, you squeeze it and it then opens the clap there and you can then easily pick something up off the floor and you can put it anywhere you like to as it sits on the arms of chair, or if you've got frames or trolleys  or anything like that it will just hook on. It is just another really good piece of equipment.

If you are having difficulty getting dressed and one of the things you are having difficulty with is putting socks on this piece of equipment is really good. This is something we call a stocking aid or a sock aid. For people who are struggling to put your sock on you put your sock on over the outside of that and you then put it onto your foot and then hold onto the long handles and put your foot inside and slide it up and then it just comes out.

End of transcript.

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