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Flood rsk governance structure

Who has responsibility for managing flood risk?

Flood risk management is the responsibility of everyone, not solely the organisations identified by the Flood and Water Management Act 2010. No single body has the means to reduce all flood risk.

Effective management involves various bodies each with a range of relevant duties and powers. The more the relevant organisations are able to find opportunities to work together and with the community the better use will be made of their capacity and resources. The regional flood and coastal committees (RFCCs) play a fundamental role in the management of flood risk.

A collaborative approach to flood risk management

We have agreed to work with Shropshire County Council to deliver a collaborative working approach towards flood risk management for their geographical areas. This approach fits in with the corporate values of both authorities and is providing opportunities for efficiencies through the sharing of resources and joint procurement of services as well as pooling of specialist flood risk management skills which are nationally in short supply.

The aims of the collaborative approach are to:

  • work together collaboratively to fulfil our roles as lead local flood authorities (LLFA's) in accordance with the spirit of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010
  • work effectively together to a common objective based on a culture of partnering and trust and sharing of ideas, resources and methods
  • ensure that wherever surface water and flood risk management issues are contiguous with other issues such as community resilience, emergency planning and climate change strategies and adaptation, the collaborative working approach will seek to support these functions

There is a wide range of organisations and individuals with an interest in flood risk management across Shropshire and Staffordshire. These range from the risk management authorities local town and parish councils, community flood action groups and individual riparian landowners.

Finding an appropriate way for this wide range of interested parties to be involved in and interact with the local flood risk management strategy is a priority for us, as lead local flood authorities.

However, it is also recognised that the process of arranging frequent meetings can be a strain on resources for those involved. To this end the strategy is proposing an approach to partnership based on strategic overview as well as local delivery. This will ensure that the appropriate bodies and organisations are present at the appropriate time. 

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