Your role in school improvement

Whether you’re a teacher, school governor, parent or pupil, you’ve also got an important role to play in supporting Staffordshire’s schools to improve.

Headteachers and teachers

As a Headteacher or teacher, you’re responsible for the day-to-day running of the school and its performance. The school self-evaluation highlights a school’s strengths and weaknesses and the school might buy training, advice or support from Entrust, or other providers, to deliver the action plan for improvement.

Teachers at outstanding and good schools can also share what works for them with schools who may face challenges. There’s plenty of information about school improvement available to teachers on the School's Learning Net.

You will have recently received your individual school pack. Here are the documents from your pack available in electronic format.

School governors

A school’s governors are the first line of support and challenge with regards to a school’s performance. It’s a vitally important role and one that can be difficult at times.

We support school governors to make sure they have the right ways of working and the information they need to be effective in their role.

Entrust deliver a training course that can help with this.

Parents and pupils

As a parent, you want the absolute best education for your child. Pupils also want to make the most of their potential for the future.

You might not know all of the detailed ins and outs of school improvement, but you can get information about your school’s performance by checking the school directory.

You can then ask the right questions of your teachers and school governors.

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