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Terms and conditions

Third party recycling credit scheme - policy statement

Environmental Protection Act 1990
Payments for the disposal of waste

  1. The following organisations are eligible to receive recycling credits:
    • Not-for-Profit Community Groups (e.g. parish groups, scouts, etc);
    • Social Enterprises (e.g. Council for Voluntary Service, etc); and
    • Registered Charities operating High Street Retail Outlets (e.g. Oxfam, Katherine House Hospice, etc)

  2. Merchants, brokers, supermakets and other commercial businesses are not eligible to receive Third Party Recycling credits. 

  3. Materials eligible for recycling credits must be obtained from household sources only. Recycling Credits can not be paid for waste collected from commercial organisations (e.g. stock clearance donations from clothing retail outlets).

  4. Registered Charities operating High Street Retail Outlets must be based in Staffordshire and the eligibility for payments are based on the back-of-store textile recycling. Front-of-Store retail items are not eligible for the payment of credits.

  5. Third Parties collecting textiles in line with paragraph 3 of this policy, must use merchants that are registered with the Environment Agency as a Waste Carrier and have a Waste Management License/Permit or equivalent exemption where applicable.

  6. The Recycling Credit payment rates are:
    • Textiles - £10 per tonne with no inflationary adjustments.
    • Other commodities (paper, glass bottles, metal cans) - £51.69 for 2017/18. A 3% annual increase is provided in line with payments made to the Waste Collection Authorities

  7. Claims for Third Parties Recycling Credits must be made in accordance with forms RC1, RC2 and RC3. These forms require information required to support the claim and relevant Duty of Care and Corporate Social Responsibility evidence. This will include, but not limited to, copies of waste carriers/management licences, weighbridge tickets or similar proof of collection source and weights, end destinations of waste, etc.

  8. Claims must be submitted on a quarterly basis in line with the dates provided each year.

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