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Payments - Stoke on Trent

Methods of payment for all goods and services

Online: Follow the instructions on this page.

By Post: If you live in the UK then either cheque or postal order. Postage stamps are not an acceptable form of payment. If you live abroad then a bankers' draft or international money order in pounds sterling.

Cheques etc. should be made payable to "Stoke on Trent City Council". 

Making an online payment to Stoke-on-Trent

  1. Visit the Stoke-on-Trent online payments page.

  2. From left-hand menu, Payment Type, scroll down and select Archives

  3. In reference box you will need to enter one or more of the following reference codes, depending on what you are paying us for. If we have not clearly told you how your payment should be broken down, please contact us again for clarification. Each code should be entered exactly as it is given below. In this box also please enter your surname after the code, e.g. 44410/IC200 Jones research. This will allow us to correctly identify that you have made the payment. 

    • Publications: 44410/IC104

    • Research fees: 44410/IC200

    • Photocopies: 44410/IC232

    • Computer printouts: 44410/IC242

    • Microfilm/microfiche printouts: 44410/IC242

    • Photographic and facility fees: 44410/IC474

    • Postage: 44410/IC243

    • Census vouchers: 44410/IC203

    • Talks fee: 44410/IC204

  4. In the box below enter the amount. Do not use the pound sign and if the amount is less than £1, enter as a decimal e.g. 95 pence would be 0.95

  5. Click Pay

  6. Enter card details

  7. Enter card account details

  8. Click on button Continue to submit payment 

  9. The next page you see is for confirmation, if you do not see page, you have not yet made a payment. Review that the amount is correct and then click on the button labelled Accept. There will be a pause while your card is validated and then you will see the receipt screen.

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