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The Sun Academy

Admissions arrangements 2019/2020, 2020/2021 & 2021/2022


1.1. Academy Transformation Trust is the admissions authority for its academies. The Board of Academy Transformation Trust has delegated to the Local Governing Body of the academy the decisions about which children to admit, within the parameters of this policy.

1.2. This policy relates to the School Admissions Code 2014, School Admission Appeals Code 2012, the Equality Act 2010 (also see our Equalities Policy), Human Rights Act 1998 and the School Standards Framework Act 1998 and any regulations thereunder.

1.3. All children whose statement of special educational needs or education health and care plan names the academy must be admitted (paragraph 1.6 of the School Admissions Code, December 2014). For information on our SEN local offer, visit the academy website.

1.4. Where fewer applications are received than the number of places available for a relevant age group (normal age that pupils are admitted to the academy) then all applicants will be offered a place.

1.5. Where there are more applications than places for a relevant age group then the oversubscription criteria shall be used to determine which children are offered a place.

How to apply

2.1. If you are applying for a place during the normal admissions round (application to start at the academy in the age group when other children are normally admitted (see paragraphs 11.1, 11.2, 11.3 and 11.6 for exceptions)) then you should use the Common Application Form (CAF) provided by your home Local Authority (the Local Authority for the area in which you live). Not all Local Authorities refer to the application form as a CAF and many are now providing the option to apply online. You should check the application process for your home Local Authority. For the purposes of this policy the application process will be referred to as CAF submission.

2.2. The deadline for applications during the normal admissions round is:

  • 31 October for Year 7 and Year 12
  • 15 January for Reception and Year 3

2.3. Applications received after the deadline will be treated as late applications and will therefore be considered in accordance with the relevant home Local

Authority’s co-ordinated scheme (see your home Local Authority’s website for


2.4. Any application submitted later than the commencement of the academic year must be submitted as an in-year admission (please see section 3).

2.5. For admission into all other year groups (other than shown in 2.2) or after the deadline please see section 3 below.

In-Year Admissions

3.1. In-Year admissions occur when an application for admission is made outside the normal admissions round. Applications should be made on your home Local

Authority’s application form, or using the LA online system (if available). Please do not do both. Addresses for the return of completed hard copy forms can be found in appendix 1.

How many pupils will be admitted?

4.1. Each academy has set the number of pupils that will be admitted during the normal admissions round, this number is the Published Admissions Number (PAN).

4.2. If the number of applications received for an academy exceeds the admission number then the oversubscription criteria will be used to determine which pupils are allocated a place.

4.3. The admission numbers for our academies are listed in appendix 2.

Oversubscription Criteria

5.1. If there are more applications for places than there are places available, we will give preference to children according to the following rules in this order of priority-

- Looked after children and all previously looked after children (children who were looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted or became subject to a child arrangements order or special guardianship order, immediately following having been looked after) in accordance with section 22 of the Children’s Act 1989.

- Siblings; which for the purposes of this policy are defined as: children living permanently at the same address as a child attending the academy at the time of their admission (including children in the 6th Form)

- Other children by distance from the academy, with priority for admission given to children who live nearest to the academy as measured using Ordnance Survey data to plot an address employing the measuring system used by the local authority in which the academy is situated. Distances are measured ‘as the crow flies’ from the child’s property address point to the academy’s property address point on the site where the child will predominantly be based.


  1. Academic Entry requirements to 6th forms (See paragraph 11.4)
  2. Children who have a statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education, Health and Care plan which names the school must by law be offered a place at that school. (See paragraph 11.5)

Application of the Oversubscription Criteria

6.1. The address given on the application form will be used to assess whether another child attending the academy is living at the same address. The child’s address will be compared to the addresses held in the academy records.

6.2. The address given on the application form will be used to assess the straight line distance between the child’s property address point and the academy’s property address point for the site where they will predominantly be based ‘employing the measuring system used by the local authority in which the academy is situated’.

6.3. Where a child lives with parents that have shared responsibility for the child, the “address” shall be considered as the home which the child resides for the majority of the school week.

6.4. The unit postal address or quartering area address will be used as the “address” when considering applications from children of UK service personnel against the oversubscription criteria, providing the application is accompanied by an Assignment Order that declares a relocation date and the address.

6.5. We will accept changes to the address up to the point of allocation (CAF submission) deadline.

6.6. If following the application of oversubscription criteria two or more applicants cannot be separated for the final place at an academy then random allocation will be used to determine the priority for that place; except in the case where the applicants that cannot be separated live at the same address, in which case the academy should admit them all. Where random allocation is used, the names of the applicants will be subject to a blind random selection. This will take place by someone independent of the academy.

When do I find out if my child has been offered a place?

7.1. If you have applied using the CAF and your application was submitted by the deadline you will receive notification from your Local Authority advising you of the school your child has been allocated. Notifications are issued on:

7.2. 1 March or next working day for Year 7 and Year 12

7.3. 16 April or next working day for Reception and Year 3

7.4. For late applications made using the CAF you will receive a notification from the Local Authority advising you of the school your child has been allocated on a date in line with the Local Authority policy on late applications.

7.5. The academy is unable to comment on your application prior to the above dates.

7.6. Once a place has been allocated at the academy, you will be contacted by the academy regarding the induction process.

What happens if I have not been allocated a place?

8.1. If your child has not been allocated a place at one of our academies then their name will be added to our waiting list. If a place at the academy becomes available children will be admitted from the waiting list.

8.2. You also have the right to appeal the decision.

Waiting Lists

9.1. The academy will maintain a waiting list for each year group. Children are only added to the waiting list following an application to join the academy.

9.2. The waiting list for the normal admissions year group (relevant age group) will be cleared by the end of the first week in spring term each year (or in the case of our academies in Suffolk by December 31st). The waiting list for all remaining year groups will be cleared at the end of June each year. If you would like your child to remain on the waiting list you will need to reapply for a place at the academy.

9.3. Children are ranked on the waiting list in order of the oversubscription criteria above.

9.4. Children allocated a place at the academy in accordance with the Fair Access Protocol will take priority over children on the waiting list.

9.5. The Fair Access Protocol is an agreement that allows hard to place children, for example those that have been permanently excluded, to be given a place before any oversubscription criteria are applied and before anyone is considered from the waiting list. Such children are allocated to schools so as no one school has to take too many hard to place children. As a Trust we are committed to participating in the Fair Access Protocol.


10.1. Appeals should be submitted directly to Academy Transformation Trust on the appeals form in appendix 3 or directly to the local authority if a service level agreement is in place.

10.2. For applications made on the CAF during the normal admissions round the deadline for submitting an appeal is:

  • 16 April or next working day for applications to join Year 7 or Year 12
  • 20 May or next working day for applications to join Reception or Year 3

10.3. For all other applications the deadline for submitting an appeal is 20 school days from the date of your notification letter.

10.4. Once you have submitted your appeals form we will acknowledge receipt of the form within 5 school days. The appeals hearing will take place prior to the end of the school/academic year (or within 30 school days for in-year admissions). You will receive at least 10 school days’ notice of the appeals hearing date and additional information will be provided at this time 

10.5. If you miss the deadline for lodging an appeal, where possible we will try to hear your appeal within the same timeframe as if it had been on time. However if this is not possible it will be heard at a later date.

10.6. Appeals will be heard by an Independent Appeals Panel and conducted in accordance with the School Admission Appeals Code 2012.


Applications for Reception

11.1. The academy will make arrangements for all children allocated a place at the academy to be admitted in September full-time. You can request that the date your child is admitted to the academy is deferred until later in the academic year or that your child attends the academy part time until they reach compulsory school age. Your child must be in attendance at the academy in the final term of the academic year for which the original application was accepted.

Applications for Year 3

11.2. If your child is due to finish Infant School and you would like them to attend a school where Year 3 is not the lowest year group in the academy, then you should list the Primary Academy on your CAF and the application will be assessed as if you had made an in-year application (see paragraph 3).

Applications for Year 12

11.3. Applications for Year 12 can be made using the CAF; however, you also have the option to apply directly to the academy. For details on how to apply directly you should contact the Head of 6th Form.

11.4. Entry to 6th Form is dependent on meeting the academic requirements for your chosen courses, details of which can be obtained from the relevant academy. The oversubscription criteria will only be applied to those applicants meeting the academic requirements, where there are more applicants meeting the requirements than places.

Statements of Special Educational Needs and Education Health and Care Plans

11.5. All children whose statement of special educational needs or education health and care plan names the academy will be admitted. These children will be admitted irrespective of the number of pupils in the academy and before the oversubscription criteria are applied.

Applications for admission outside a child’s normal age group

11.6. It is expected that children will normally be educated within their chronological year group. However, parents or carers can make a request to the academy in writing for a place outside their normal age group. This will need to include, where relevant, any supporting evidence. The academy trust will make decisions on the basis of the circumstances of each case and in the best interests of the child concerned in line with the School Admissions Code. This will take into account the views of the Principal. The academy trust will write to the parent or carer with the outcome including the reasons for the decision. If the request is refused, details of how to complain to the academy will be given.

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