Our estate currently comprises 94 farms equipped with house, buildings and land across a total of 8,500 acres. Although the Estate is predominantly made up of 61 dairy units, there are many opportunities for livestock and small arable producers. We welcome ideas to make the assets work harder.

Our aim is to provide the landlords infrastructure on farm, with buildings, fodder storage, muck storage etc. in order that tenants can grow their businesses quickly, giving them the best chance to find opportunities off the Estate.

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While many other councils across the UK have cashed in their land bank for a quick release of funds, We have been more far sighted and creative.

The Estate has offered on the open market and let 19 units to new starters since 2008. 11 of those in the last 3 years up to 2016. With a focus on top performing commercial food production, the Estate provides agricultural entrepreneurs with the facilities needed to get the businesses up and running.

Of the 19 new starters, 10 have been 1st generation farmers who have gone out and sought the education and experience to put them in contention to take on a tenancy.

The Estate charges commercial competitive rents and are in no way subsidised. The opportunity is that we are ideally placed to have an estate strategy that promotes new entrants because we have retained farms that are the right size with the right facilities and are within the reach of new starters.


In Staffordshire we offer a unique service which is vital within today's tenanted sector, with few other avenues for new entrants to either set up from small beginnings or expand their current businesses. Many of the applicants have started business in a small way with a flock of sheep or herd of cattle, or come from a management role on an established dairy farm. The Estate provides the next step, a means of entering the industry, developing a profitable enterprise with the overall outcome to progress either within or off the Estate.

Having lots of money behind them before they start the business is not the key to success but having the know-how and drive to make money from a limited start-up capital is essential.

We are looking for people who can innovate and be the best in their field.


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