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Recent Applications

Western extension to Barton Quarry (ref. ES.17/11/502 M)

Hanson Quarry Products Europe Ltd have submitted a planning application for western extension to Barton Quarry between A38 road and railway line to extract 6.3 million tonnes of sand and gravel over a period of 10 years and to restore the site to landscaped water areas with biodiversity, landscape and flood alleviation benefits.

The operator would conitune to use the existing process plant and access.

The Cabinet (Staffordshire County Council) Lichfield Southern Bypass (Final Phase) Land between Birmingham Road and London Road, Lichfield (ref. L.17/09).

The Cabinet (Staffordshire County Council) have submitted a planning application for the proposed construction of a railway bridge and 53m of new carriageway to link with an approved distributor road to create the final phase of the Lichfield Southern Bypass. This includes temporaryworking space either side of the railway line and a temporary haul road along the line of the planned distributor road

Recent Decisions

Shire Oak Quarry, Chester Road, Shire Oak (ref. L.16/05/809 MW).

JPE Holdings Limited have submitted a planning application for an eastern extension (inclusive of additional sand and gravel mineral working, subsequent infilling with inert material, landscaping works and all ancillary works) and to consolidate existing permissions with a composite revised restoration scheme.

6 June 2017 - Additional information was submitted by the applicant relating to landscape, ecological and restoration issues as well as the assessment of noise. Comments have been received and considered concerning the additional information.

6 July 2017 - The Planning Committee considered a report and approved the recommendation to permit the application subject to conditions and a Section 106 Legal Agreement.

Uttoxeter Quarry, Ashbourne Road, Spath, Uttoxeter (ref. ES.16/15/524 MW)

Aggregate Industries UK Limited submitted a planning application (later revised) to vary conditions of planning permission ref. ES.11/13/524 MW granted on 13 December 2011, to alter the sequence of phased extraction and to revise the date for cessation of mineral extraction from 30 November 2016 to 30 November 2023 and restoration from 30 November 2018 to 30 November 2025.

28 October 2016 - Draft Unilateral Undertaking received in which the applicant agreed to install under-drainage, provide vehicular access and a surfaced car park on land adjacent to the quarry to facilitate the 'Sports Hub' allocated in the East Staffordshire Local Plan.

1 December 2016 - The Planning Committee considered a report and approved the recommendation to permit the application, as revised, subject to updated conditions and a Section 106 Legal Agreement.

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