School Holidays & Term Dates

Inset Days and School Closures

Please note: Any fixed inset days that apply to all schools are on this page. Schools also have 4 extra inset days per year and the dates can differ. Check your inset days by using the school closures list or by contacting your school.

Term dates are set on the basis of 195 days and inset days should be allocated from within the agreed dates. Monday, 3 September 2018 is already fixed as an inset day and the other four days are to be identified by schools. Schools will be encouraged to set Monday, 22 July as an inset day but closed in lieu of twilight training.  

Download the latest term dates iCal Calendar file (64 KB iCal file)

Spring Term 2019

Term starts: Monday 7 January

Half term: Monday 18 February - Friday 22 February

Term ends: Friday 12 April

Holiday: Monday 15 April - Friday 26 April

Easter Sunday: Sunday 21 April

Summer Term 2019

Term starts: Monday 29 April

May Day: Monday 6 May

Half term: Monday 27 May - Friday 31 May

Term ends: Monday 22 July

Holiday: Tuesday 23 July - Friday 30 August

Autumn Term 2019

Inset day: Monday 2 September (students are not in school)

Term starts: Tuesday 3 September (students return)

Half term: Monday 28 October - Friday 1 November

Term ends: Friday 20 December

Holiday: Monday 23 December - Friday 3 January

Spring Term 2020

Term starts: Monday 6 January 

Half term: Monday 17 February - Friday 21 February

Term ends: Friday 3 April

Holiday: Monday 6 April - Friday 17 April

Easter Sunday: Sunday 12 April

Summer Term 2020

Term starts: Monday 20 April

May Day: Monday 4 May

Half term: Monday 25 May - Friday 29 May

Term ends: Monday 20 July

Holiday: Tuesday 21 July - Monday 31 August

Autumn Term 2020

Inset day: Tuesday 1 September (students are not in school)

Term starts: Wednesday 2 September (students return)

Half term: Monday 26 October - Friday 30 October

Term ends: Friday 18 December

Holiday: Monday 21 December - Friday 1 January

Spring Term 2021

Term starts: Monday 4 January

Half term: Monday 15 February - Friday 19 February

Term ends: Thursday 1 April

Holiday: Friday 2 April - Friday 16 April

Easter Sunday: Sunday 4 April

Summer Term 2021

Term starts: Monday 19 April

May Day: Monday 3 May

Half term: Monday 31 May - Friday 4 June

Term ends: Wednesday 21 July

Holiday: Thursday 22 July - Tuesday 31 August

Academies, free schools, foundation schools and voluntary aided schools

The dates above only apply to community, voluntary controlled, community special and maintained nursery schools in Staffordshire.

Other types of schools have freedom over their school terms and holiday dates.

They are encouraged to accept the dates set by Staffordshire County Council but they are not required to. You should contact your school for confirmation of term dates.

Exam Dates

The Department for Education and Skills has examinations information as well as links to awarding bodies.

There are no results that match your criteria.

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