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Annual List of Accessions 2018

Please note that previous lists of accessions for each year from 1998 onwards are available from Staffordshire Record Office on request.

Some of the records listed below may not be generally available for consultation.

Staffordshire Record Office

Official records of Staffordshire County Council

Minutes of Staffordshire County Council

  • Minutes of Staffordshire County Council, 2014-2017 (CC/A/86-87)

  • Minutes of Cabinet, 2015-2016 (CC/AC/31-33)

  • Minutes of the following Committees, Panels and Joint Committees:

    • Audit and Standards Committee, 2017-2018 (CC/B/369/12)

    • Corporate Parenting Panel, 2016-2018 (CC/B/372/14-15)

    • Corporate Review Committee, Apr 2017-Apr 2018 (CC/B/1/128)

    • Joint Corporate Review and Healthy Staffordshire Select Committee, Jun-Sep 2016 (CC/B/380/1)

    • Countryside and Rights of Way Panel, 2014-2017 (CC/B/158/37)

    • Healthy Staffordshire Select Committee, 2016-2017 (CC/B/367/21-22)

    • Health and Wellbeing Board, 2016-2017 (CC/C/59/3)

    • Instaffs Ltd, AGMs, 2004-2009 (CC/C/55/3)

    • Pensions Panel, 2016-2017 (CC/B/379/3-5)

    • Pensions Committee, 2016-2017 (CC/B/371/9)

    • Planning Committee, 2015-2017 (CC/B/130/116)

    • Prosperous Staffordshire Select Committee, 2016-2018 (CC/B/374/4)

    • Safe and Strong Communities Select Committee, 2016-2017 (CC/B/132/45)

    • Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Joint Waste Board, 2014-2017 (CC/C/58/10)

Planning and Development

  • Fourth Revised Rights of Way definitive statement and maps for:

    • Borough of East Staffordshire, 2017

    • South Staffordshire the parishes of Bobbington, Coppenhall, Kinver and Swindon, 2018

    • Borough of Tamworth, 2017

    • Borough of Stafford, 2018

    • District of Lichfield, the parish of Fradley and Streethay, and Lichfield City, 2018 (C/P/139 and C/P/142)
  • Schedules of objections to Rights of Way arranged by district and parish:

    • Volume 1- objections against inclusions and omissions, 1950s

    • Volume 2- schedule of counter objections, 1958 (C/P/141)

  • Records relating to County Development Plan:

    • Sand and Gravel minerals review, c 1965;

    • Aggregates Local Plan, 1989-2001, written statement;

    • Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Minerals Local Plan, 1994-2006 (C/P/140)

Cultural Services

  • Photographs of Staffordshire libraries, 1960s-1980s;

  • Library Service newspaper cuttings book, 1950s-1960s (C/LA/44)

Public Protection

  • Records of Staffordshire Scientific Services, including:

    • sample testing registers, 1970s-1990s;

    • County Analysts’ scientific instructions for testing samples, early-mid-20th cent;

    • quarterly reports of the County Analyst, 1913-1932;

    • brochure re Staffordshire Scientific Services, 2000s (C/WM/3)

Public records

Health and hospitals

  • Medical record books for patients admitted to the Acute Medical Unit, formerly called Medical Assessment Unit or Emergency Assessment Unit at Stafford Hospital, 2003-2009 (D7634)

  • Patient and administrative records for:

    • Stafford Infirmary and School of Nursing;

    • St George’s Hospital. Stafford;

    • Stone Workhouse, later Public Assistance Institution later Trent Hospital; Standon Orthopaedic Hospital;

    • Cannock Hospital (former workhouse infirmary, later Chase Hospital), 1873-1996 (D7635)

Coroners’ records

  • Additional files of HM Coroner for South Staffordshire, 2015 (D7628)

  • Additional files of HM Coroner for Stoke on Trent and North Staffordshire, 2012-2013 (D7638, D7639)

Staffordshire Police

  • Additional records of Staffordshire Police:

    • Photographs of Staffordshire Police cars at work and in training (4), 1940s;

    • 'Their Duty Done: Staffordshire Police Officers Who Died on the Two World Wars and Those Who Lost Their Lives as a Result of Criminal Action' by David Baldwin, 2017 (C/PC/36)

Local authorities

District Councils

  • Albums of photographs and newspaper articles relating to Stafford Borough Library and Stafford Pageants, 1912-1979 (7673)

Parish Councils

  • Minutes of Audley Rural Parish Council, 1995-2018 (D7667)

  • Records of Brocton Parish Council:

    • minutes 1894-2012; accounts 1934-1973;

    • correspondence 1938-1989 (D7661)

  • Records of Fawfieldhead Parish Council, 1894-2017, including minutes, accounts, correspondence, maps and plans (D7685)

  • Additional accounts and related papers of Ingestre with Tixall Parish Council, 2015-2016 (D7611);

  • papers relating to the local campaign against HS2 (High Speed Rail Link) 2012-2018 (D7630)

  • Additional records of Longnor Parish Council, 1967-2015, including minutes, accounts, correspondence, maps and plans (D7683)

  • Minutes of Silverdale Parish Council, 2002-2018 (D7668)

  • Additional records of Warslow and Elkstones Parish Council, 1945-2016, including minutes, accounts, correspondence, maps and plans (D7684)



  • Diocesan Committee papers:

    • Papers of the Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches, including some quinquennial inspection reports (B/A/26/14/3-4 pts.);

    • files of the Area Pastoral Committee 1950s-2000s (B/A/26/41/2);

    • minutes of the Lichfield Diocesan Area Liaison Group 1978-1992 (B/A/26/42/1)

  • Additional Diocesan publicity material including newsletters, monthly mailings, bulletins and prayer diaries, 2017-2018; confirmation information 1920, publications 2017 (B/A/27/3-4, B/A/27/7)
  • Additional faculties and archdeacons’ certificate files, 2000-2017 (B/C/12/49)


  • Minutes of Lichfield Rural Deanery (B/A/25/15)


  • Additional parish magazines of Abbots Bromley St Nicholas with Blithfield, 2017 (D7610)

  • Additional parish records of Barton-under-Needwood, St James, 19th-21st cent., including registers, service registers, minutes and accounts, items relating to church property and music, parish magazines (D7672)

  • Additional parish magazines for the parish of Berkswich Holy Trinity with Walton and Brocton, 2016-2017 (7609/1-2)

  • Additional parish and service registers of Burton, St Aidan and St Paul, 1923-2014 (D7602)

  • Additional marriage register of Burton, St Modwen, 1990-2010 (D7601)

  • Church Council minutes of Chase Terrace, St John’s Community Church, 1957-2014 (D7664)

  • Additional parish magazines of the United Benefice of Draycott, Hanbury, Newborough, Rangemore and Tutbury, 2017-2018 (7651)

  • Additional marriage registers of Great Wyrley, St Mark, 2012-2017 (D7600)

  • Grindon Overseers' account book, with churchwarden’s accounts, 1816-1839 (7614)

  • Additional marriage registers of Ingestre St Mary the Virgin, 2007-2015 (D7633)

  • Parish magazines for Knutton, January 1904, and Silverdale, August 1918 (7629)

  • Additional parish records of Leek, St Edward, 1876-2015, including registers 1946-1988, confirmation and service registers, church accounts, charities, bequests and donations, PCC minutes, visitors’ books, school log book 1876-1932 (D7623)

  • Burial register, graveyard book, and terrier and inventory, of Leigh, All Saints, 1901-2007 (D7670)

  • Additional records of the Chapel of the Hospital of St John the Baptist, Lichfield: marriage register 1914-1989, and service registers 2010-2016 (D7646)

  • Records of Lichfield St Mary’s National Schools including minute book 1881-1900, bank books, and correspondence relating to the Lichfield CE Schools, 1916-1930; minute book of St Mary’s Church of England Men’s Society 1907-1920 (D7647)

  • Additional service registers of Meir, Holy Trinity, 1999-2015 (D7641)

  • Correspondence and other papers of the incumbents and churchwardens of Newborough All Saints, mainly relating to land and church fabric, 1925-1977 (D7652)

  • Additional records of the former church of Newchurch, Christ Church on Needwood, 1894-1998, including:

    • PCC and vestry minutes,

    • faculties,

    • deeds relating to the school house (church hall) and churchyard extension,

    • papers relating to glebe land,

    • benefice income and dilapidations,

    • and to the united benefice with Newborough 1930s,

    • and about the closure of the church, 1990s (D7653)

  • Additional PCC minutes of Sandon All Saints, 1981-2014, and papers relating to major building works at the church, 2008-2012 (D7637); quinquennial inspection reports, parish magazines, other items re church building and activities, 1984-2018 (D7666)

  • Additional parish magazines of Stonnall, St Peter, 2017 (D7608)

  • Miscellaneous civil parish documents and other miscellaneous items of Stretton St Mary (7640)

  • Additional service register of Tixall, St John the Baptist, 1932-1937 (D7612)

  • Additional parish records of Walsall, St Michael & All Angels, Caldmore, 1871-2018 including parish registers, confirmation register, service registers, accounts, and PCC minutes; service register of Walsall, St. Mary and All Saints, Palfrey, 1993-1999 (D7671)

  • Additional parish records of Wednesbury, St James & St John, 19th-21st cent., including records relating to the closure of the church and the Rectory Trust; memorial garden, faculties, charity records, financial records; pastoral schemes; also inventory, parish magazines, confirmation register, vicarage file, of Wednesbury St John, 1907-1977 (D7615)

  • Additional parish registers of Wetley Rocks, St John the Baptist: baptisms 1916-2018, marriages 1988-2012 (D7656)



  • Additional church magazines and other church information for Berkswich Methodist Church, 2016-2017 (7609/3)

  • Marriage registers from closed churches:

    • Trinity Methodist Church, George Street, Burton on Trent, 1902-1985;

    • Calf Heath (Wesleyan) Methodist Church, Hatherton, 1982-2008;

    • St John's Methodist/United Reform Church, Stone, 1991-2011 (D7669/1-3)

Congregational and United Reformed

  • Minutes of Burton on Trent United Reformed Church, 1972-1994 (D7674)

  • Additional records of the Staffordshire Congregational Union, and individual churches Halmerend, Hanley and Hednesford, 1856-1976 (D7642)

Other denominations

  • Marriage registers from closed churches:

    • Rugeley Evangelical Free Church, 1987-1994;

    • Lichfield Christadelphian Hall, 1982-2008;

    • Burton Salvation Army, 1982-2013 (D7669/4-6)

Schools and further education

  • Syllabus and school record books for Biddulph Moor Council School, Infants Department, 1930-1932 (7613)

  • Log book of Croxton National School 1863-1869 with Managers' minutes 1869-1881; log book of Eccleshall National School boys school, 1906-1917 (7619)

  • Committee minute book of the Lichfield Art Class, later the Lichfield School of Art, 1882-1890 (7676)


  • Additional minutes of Colton Parish Lands Trust, 2015-2017 (D7618)

  • Records of the former Staffordshire Community Council 1945-2017:

    • minutes,

    • annual reports,

    • newsletters,

    • projects including Village Halls survey and collection of village hall plans,

    • collection of Village Action Plans (7657)

  • Accounts and minutes of the Stanley Charity Trust (also known as Shaw's Charity or Stanley Poors Land), 1793-1975 (7622)

Family and estate

  • Diaries of Lady Charlotte Bridgeman, 1847-1857; historical notebooks of Rev George T O Bridgeman, mid-19th century (7624)

  • Labour account book for the Chillington Estate, 1823-1828 and 1925-1926 (7645)

  • Memoranda relating to the Trentham Probate Valuation, 1916 (7662)


  • Papers of the late Dorothy Brereton of Alton relating to local history and the Brereton, Walker and Burton families of Alton, 1852-early 21st cent. (7603)

  • Draft report by C Docksey, Burton ARP warden, following the Fauld explosion, 1944 (7621)

  • Additional personal correspondence and business papers of the Mott family of Lichfield, 1783-1808 (7680)

  • Memorabilia of Dorothy or Doris Murfin from WWII and her post-war Territorial Service, 1940-1947 (7659)

  • Documents relating to mortgage and life assurance policies by Sir Robert Peel of Drayton Manor, 1860-1881 (7649)

  • Papers relating to the Tamworth area:

    • papers of the campaign to prevent the closure of Flax Hill Junior School, 1983-1984;

    • the formation of the Centre Broadcasting Ltd (Centre FM local radio station), 1996-2001 (7648)

  • Presentation volume given to Frederick Wilkinson, HM Inspector of Schools, by the Committee and Teachers of the Lichfield Inspection District, 1889 (7677)

Business and professional

  • Album of orders and related correspondence of ST Bowen & Son, sandal manufacturer, Mount Street, Stafford, 1949-1952 (7605)

  • Business and personal account book of Henry Benn Burslem, draper of Brewood, 1863-1872 (7620)

  • Records of the farming business of Edward John and Edith Deavall, at Manor House Farm, Gayton, 1950s-1980s (7658)

  • Minute books of the Stafford Hairdressers Association (later also called the Stafford Branch of the National Hairdressers’ Federation), 1926-1985 (7655)

  • Account book of Norman’s Stores (later Tudor Stores), Yoxall, c.1888-c.1903 (7604)

Trade unions

  • Additional records of the National Farmers' Union, Staffordshire Branch: minutes 1990-1992; branch records 1950s-1978 (D7617)

  • Minutes of the Executive and Council meetings of the Staffordshire Division of the National Union of Teachers (later National Education Union), 1977-2005 (D7616)

  • Minutes of the Uttoxeter and District Association of the National Union of Teachers, 1978-1987 (D7675)

Clubs and societies

  • Minutes, attendance book and history of the Izaak Walton Royal Arch Chapter (4281), 1993-2018 (D7665)

  • Records of the Kinver Edge Committee (National Trust) , 1917-2017, including minutes of committee meetings, accounts, correspondence, subject files and plans for the restoration of the Kinver Rock Houses (D7631)

  • Additional records of the former Newcastle Players:

    • minutes 2013-2015, accounts 1990-2011,

    • correspondence 2012-2015,

    • file on the closure of the society and sale of the theatre workshop 2014-2015,

    • valuation report on the Hartshill theatre workshop 2014 (7625)

  • Additional records of the former Sandon & District Royal British Legion: minutes 2002-2006 and file of memorabilia 20th-21st cent. (7627)

  • Papers of the Stafford Heritage Society campaign to save the Ancient High House, 1973-2001 (7681)

  • Additional “Staffordian” magazines of the Stafford Old Edwardians Association, 2015-2017 (D7626)

  • Records of the Stafford & District Military Historical Society, and the former West Midlands Branch of the Military Historical Society:

    • albums of newspaper cuttings relating to military history 1966-1979, and 1929-1990s (The Staffords, with WWI postcards);

    • file of photographs (West Midlands Branch) 1970s;

    • newsletters and articles, programmes for services, dinners and other events, posters and other memorabilia;

    • Stafford Battalion B Company Home Guard social and canteen records (7650)


  • Two deeds relating to land in Anslow and Bucknall in Staffordshire, 1434, 1512 (D7643)

  • Two deeds relating to land in Checkley and Cheadle, 1704, 1730 (7644)

  • Deeds and other papers relating to Dilhorne, Leigh, Ipstones, Loxley, Uttoxeter, Bramshall, Tean, Alton and Tutbury, 16th-20th cent. (D7663)

  • Lease of Hanbury Park, 1694 (7607)

  • Conveyance of an orchard at Whittington, 1855 (7678)

  • Various deeds and solicitors’ papers relating to property in Staffordshire, 1754-1902 (7654)

  • Various deeds relating to properties in Staffordshire, 1877-1986 (7682)

Maps and plans, graphic

  • Copy map of Audley village and surrounds, based on the tithe map, 19th cent. (7632)

  • Duplicate copy of Checkley enclosure map and award, 1831 (7636)

  • Photograph of the landing in The Friary Lichfield, 1894 (7679)

  • General section of the mineral strata showing the various workable seams or beds of coal and ironstone found in the North Staffordshire Coal Field, 19th cent. (7606)

The Newcastle Library local studies collection

  • Electoral registers 1933, 1949-2002; Burgess rolls 1891-1913

  • Rate books, rent account books’ minutes of Wolstanton UDC/UUDC, early 20th cent.; minutes of Newcastle Education Committee (6 volumes); Newcastle Borough Council year books;

  • Methodist collections including baptism and marriage registers (13 archive boxes, 11 storage boxes and 6 flat boxes): various churches in Newcastle, Wolstanton, Hanley, Basford and Englesea Brook; Banns of marriage register for St Giles CE Church; Orme School /Middle School records; St Thomas CE School, Kidsgrove records; Wolstanton School admission register;

  • Miscellaneous other collections including:

    • the Showan Collection;

    • Vaughan family papers re Boer War;

    • R Stone journal;

    • 18th-19th cent correspondence including George Tollett of Betley, Thomas Fenton of Newcastle, Charles and John Jones of Newcastle, Thomas Harding of Newcastle;

    • political records of Lily Marshall and John Rogers;

    • Some stray Sutherland estate (Trentham) volumes and Crewe estate volume;

    • midwives’ registers;

    • Police station occurrence book and fees book; various records of local organisations, including Alsagers Bank WI records;

    • members book of the Newcastle Assembly, 18th cent;

    • minutes of Cogshill Concert Committee;

    • record book of Newcastle Almshouse Charity;

    • minutes of Newcastle Literary and Scientific Society;

    • Staffordshire County Council schools meals service stock books etc. (7660)

Stoke on Trent City Archives

Official records of Stoke on Trent City Council

  • Stoke on Trent City Council Conservation Area Documents and Booklets, c1972-1999 (SD 1835)


  • Pottery transfers and reference sheets for pattern number S.542 Indian Tree and S.582 Indian Tree Border, K.H. Bailey & Sons Ltd., 1974 (SD 1804)

  • Colliery photographs, showing the inside of an unnamed coal mine taken by photographer A. Myatt of Stoke-on-Trent, 1920 (SD 1805)

  • Scrapbook, newspaper cuttings, photographs, letters and catalogues relating to Hayden's Menswear Company and employees, in particular Mr Edward Allman, c1920s-2000s (SD 1808)

  • TI Simplex GE Limited product catalogues and blueprints, 1972-1986 (SD 1812)

  • Artwork (mostly tile designs) by George Henry Dewsberry (1857-1939) and some by his brother David Dewsberry (1851-1929), c1874-c1920 (SD 1817)

  • Large photograph Album containing photographs of Doulton Lambeth employees- presented to Henry Chapman on the 50th Anniversary of his employment with the company, 1849-1901 (SD 1809)

  • Bullers Ltd. Insulator Product Catalogues (a predecessor company of Allied Insulators), c1918-c.1920 (SD 1819)

  • James Cooper lithograph designs, c1930-1998 (SD 1823)

  • F. Swinnerton and Son baker and caterer, later Swinnertons (Industrial Canteens) Ltd., cuttings book, c1936-c1969 (SD 1824)

  • Reginald Robert Tomlinson’s Indenture of Apprenticeship to Minton Hollins (photocopy) and later sketchbook of work for Bernard Moore Pottery, 1904-c.1913 (SD 1825)

  • Artwork by Harry Sales: from art school, Beswick and Royal Doulton, 1939-2014 (SD 1828)

  • Twyfords Ltd Potters Making Prices volume, c.1926-c.1938 containing images of bathroom ware, including a toilet table, pricing and correspondence (SD 1830)

  • Harrison Mayer/Cookson, colour manufacturers, company newsletters Hamaram, 1977-1985 and Clarion, 1990-1994 (SD 1836)

  • Personal and Commercial Papers of William Moorcroft, late 19th-mid 20th cent. (SD 1837)   

Military bodies

  • Record of Events 16th/5th Lancer Langlauf Ski Team 1969/70 Season, (SD 1800)

  • Correspondence, documentation and Roll of Individuals entitled to Medal/Clasp for service in Beirut, Lebanon and the Gulf, 1984-1991 (SD 1801)

  • Officers' Dress Regulations booklet, Presentation of the Guidon by The Queen order of service and newspaper cutting, and a map of Catterick and Feldom Training Areas all belonging to Major R. Sandford-Fawcett 16th/5th Lancer, 1957-1959 (SD 1802)

  • George William Burdett Clare VC: Chatteris Commemorates booklet and Battle of Aliwal newspaper transcripts, 1846-2017 (SD 1803)

  • Army List, Thom's Official Directory and Whitaker's Almanac, 1854-1949 (SD 1827)

  • Scarlet and Green Journal and photographs from the albums of Colonel R.A. Simpson, 1937-1980 (SD 1832)           

Partnerships and consortial bodies

  • Penkhull Garden Village Stoke-on-Trent Tenants Ltd cash books and ledgers, 1933-1964 (SD 1814)

Clubs and societies

  • Etruscan Choral Society/Etruscan Singers AGM Minutes and Committee Meeting minutes, 1968-2006 (SD 1818)

Personal and antiquarian

  • Bill Brown research file on Bowers pottery manufacturer for c.1843-1890, c.1980s (SD 1810)

  • “Richard Talbot Collection” including copies of Newcastle Manor Court Rolls and local history research notes, 1413-1990s (SD 1815)

  • Geoffrey Godden research notes on the W (+++) factory mark, 1970s-2015 (SD 1816)

  • Photograph album of Arthur Maxfield, a Royal Doulton Flambe worker, featuring work colleagues and family, c.1960-c.1987 (SD 1826)

  • “Richard Talbot Collection” including Penkhull Church Magazines, reminiscences of Reverend Aston, First World War Penkhull Memorial research notes, and workhouse letters, 1846-1964 (SD 1829)

  • “Richard Talbot Collection” including copies of Newcastle Manor Court Rolls, local history research notes regarding Penkhull, with Index, and The Potteries Motor Traction House Magazine, 1416-2015 (SD 1831)

  • Personal papers and photographs relating to Nurse Jessie Gertrude Brown at North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary, c.1883-1930 (SD 1833)


  • Autograph book of messages, artwork and poems mostly by men, seemingly soldiers, at North Staffordshire Infirmary, 1916-1944 (SD 1807)

Title deeds

  • Pre-registration Land Deeds from Stoke-on-Trent and surrounding areas, c.1840-c.2010 (SD 1806)

  • Deeds to Botanic Brewery, Hope Street Hanley, 1890s-1904 (SD 1813)

Maps and plans

  • Plan of Longton Hall and Holly Bush Estates, 1828 (SD 1834)


  • Photographs from Stoke-on-Trent Workshops for the Blind, c.1970s-1980s (SD 1811)

  • "Black and white photograph of J. Lightfoot Family Butcher's Shop at 112 Campbell Road, Stoke-upon-Trent, c.1915.  (SD 1820)

  • Photograph albums of potbanks taken by Audrey Tonge, 1996-1999 (SD 1822)


  • Output of the 'Revealing Voices Project': 600+ Digital audio files and associated digital summaries and images of recordings by Authur Wood of BBC Radio Stoke made between 1968 and circa 1990, 1968-c1990  (SD 1821) 

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