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For information about housing, leisure, retail, office and industrial development in Staffordshire, please visit the relevant Staffordshire Borough or District Council, or Stoke-on-Trent City Council web site|.

We deal with planning applications|, policy| and regulation| to do with minerals and waste development in Staffordshire. 

We also deal with planning applications for Staffordshire County Council's own developments at schools, new roads etc.

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  Housing, shops, offices & industry planning|

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Consultation open on additional site options for Minerals Local Plan

Consultation now open for comments on 7 additional site options for sand and gravel extraction. We would be pleased to receive comments before 5 December 2014.
Friday 17th October 2014

Applications making the headlines

Planning applications submitted to Staffordshire County Council for determination and recent decisions which may be of particular public interest.
Monday 16th September 2013

Uttoxeter Quarry 

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