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Apedale Country Park

Apedale Community Country Park is Staffordshire's newest Country Park. The'' Park, which comprises 184 hectares, is criss-crossed with footpaths and tracks leading to breezy heights open meadows, secluded woodland glades and silent pools. Family nature trails, pond dipping, guided walks, organised events and festivals, educational activities and special projects add to the countryside experience. 

In its heyday, Apedale was in the forefront of the Industrial Revolution because of the rich deposits of coal, iron and clay found there. Today, little of Apedale's industrial past remains. The furnaces, mine buildings, tramways, canal and brickworks have all but disappeared and nature has taken over.  

As well as being an education and recreation facility the Park is actively managed to conserve locally threatened species and habitats identified in the Staffordshire Biodiversity Action Plan|. Skylark, lapwing, grey partridge, water vole and Great Crested Newt together with its wetland and ancient woodland areas make Apedale an important wildlife site. 

The Park's industrial heritage, nature conservation importance and recreational value are the subjects of numerous booklets and leaflets available at the Park centre and is the focus of the nearby Apedale Heritage Centre which includes a cafe, museum and ''underground visit. 

The park is managed by Staffordshire County Council's Environment and Countryside Unit and rangers are on site to offer help and information. The Newcastle Countryside Project, which aims to involve local people in environmental activity throughout Newcastle Borough, is also based in the Park.

There is a designated wheelchair trail leading from Blackbank Road to the view point giving extensive views of the potteries and beyond.

The Country Park offers a School Visits service. For more information, see our Information for Schools| page.


Opening Hours


Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays 2.00pm - 4.00pm


Saturday and Sunday 2.00pm - 4.00pm 

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Staffordshire County Council Ranger Service
Tel: 01782 632350

Tel: 01782 632350

Newcastle Countryside Project
01782 323550

Apedale Community Country Park
Blackbank Road

Useful Links

Apedale Valley Light Railway (Moseley Railway Trust) -|

Apedale Heritage Centre| 

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