Council Tax and Finance

The basics

You pay your council tax direct to the District and Borough Councils who collect it on behalf of the County Council.

For 2017/18 the County Council’s share of a Band D property bill will be £1,142.54. This is a small increase of 4.95% from 2016/17, 3% of which relates to the Adult Social Care Precept.

Increases to Band D Council Tax rate for 2017/18
  General Precept Adult Social Care Precept  Total
2016/17 £1,067.70 £20.95 £1088.65
£21.23 £32.66 £53.89
2017/18 £1,088.93 £53.61 £1,142.54

This is an increase of 1.95% on the 
16/17 total Band D of £1,088.66

This is an increase of 3% on the
16/17 total Band D of £1,088.65

Please note: If you are unsure about what district or borough you live in, use the postcode checker on the Directgov website.  

Pay your council tax online

Follow the links to the relevant payment pages managed by your local billing authority...

Queries and other methods of payment

You need to contact your local billing authority...

Council tax bands

Government allowance

Further information about the Government's offer to allow councils to charge an additional 2% for Adult Social Care services is available to view on our Government allowance webpage.

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