Report fraud bribery and theft

Staffordshire County Council recognises its responsibility for the proper administration of its assets and expects. It maintains a zero tolerance stance against fraud, bribery and theft and is committed to ensuring all Council resources are appropriately protected from loss.  Where fraud, bribery or theft is identified, it will be fully investigated and all appropriate disciplinary, civil and criminal sanctions will be considered.

The size and nature of services provided, as with any other large organisation, mean that there is an ever-present risk of loss due to fraud bribery and theft, from sources both internal and external. The Council takes a responsible, long term view of the need to continuously develop counter fraud, bribery and theft initiatives and maintain its culture of awareness.

How can I help?

Fraud is a hidden crime, and may go undetected without the constant vigilance of employees and the public who are willing to report any concerns.

Elected members, suppliers, contractors, partners, joint ventures and the general public are encouraged to report concerns of fraud. 

Follow this link to find out the different ways you can report a concern of fraud, bribery or theft at Staffordshire County Council.

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