How to report a fraud concern

Elected members, suppliers, contractors, partners, joint ventures and the general public are encouraged to report concerns through any of the routes identified below.

Concerns relating to benefits and social housing should be reported to the relevant District Council in the first instance.

Can I remain anonymous?

An individual wishing to report a concern relating to fraud or bribery may wish to stay anonymous.

Whilst concerns raised anonymously will be considered and assessed, it is often vital to speak to you to obtain additional information once an investigation has started. Therefore we request that you provide your contact details wherever possible.

What happens after the fraud is reported?

Please do not carry out any additional investigation once a concern of fraud is identified. Failure to follow appropriate investigative procedures may result in valuable evidence becoming unusable in pursuit of criminal sanctions.

What do I do if I am a Staffordshire County Council Employee?

If you wish to raise a concern, consider reading the Council’s whistleblowing policy, available on the Staff Intranet.

How do I report fraud?

Concerns of fraud, bribery and corruption can be reported by using the methods detailed below.

Leave a message on the Integrity Reporting Hotline* / Email service

Telephone: 0800 7311890

The Staffordshire County Council online reporting form

You can complete the Intranet fraud reporting form.

Contact the Director of Finance and Resources, via the (Interim) Chief Internal Auditor and Money Laundering Reporting Officer

Deborah Harris
Telephone: 01785 276406

Contact the Audit Manager - Fraud (Deputy Money Laundering Reporting Officer)

David Fletcher
Telephone: 01785 895408

Please note: Both the fraud reporting form, or the integrity hotline can be used to raise concerns without disclosing your own identity.

Fraud, Bribery and Theft Policy

The county council’s fraud, bribery and corruption policy was approved in August 2016 and outlines the Council’s anti-fraud stance and approach to tackling fraud, bribery and theft.

PDF DocumentFraud, Bribery and Theft Policy (86 KB)

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