Wheels to Work

We help people who struggle to get to work due to a lack of affordable transport. We can offer bicycles or the loan of a moped. 

Am I eligible?

To be considered for the scheme you must:

  • Live in the Staffordshire County Council area (this excludes Stoke-on-Trent) 
  • Be over 16 years old

Please note: If you wish to loan a moped you must own a provisional licence. 

When assessing eligibility we will consider:

  • Distance from the nearest public transport routes
  • Availability of suitable transport options for work, shifts and training
  • Attendance patterns      
  • Other relevant circumstances

 What do we offer?

Moped loan

For a period of six months, the scheme will be able to provide you with a loan for:

  • A moped
  • A pair of gloves
  • A helmet
  • A jacket
  • A chain lock
  • Basic Compulsory Training
  • Tax, Insurance and breakdown cover

You must have a provisional driving licence and pay for the running costs.

Please note: We require a guarantor for all moped clients. 


A £50 non-refundable deposit is required.

It costs £80 per month for the loan of the moped.

You are responsible for the safekeeping of mopeds and their running costs. In the event of theft or damage you will need to cover the £250 insurance excess.

Bicycle loan

The scheme can provide an interest free loan to purchase a bicycle over a six month period. This will assist you with being able to get to work or getting access to public transport for rest of the journey.

We can provide a bike, helmet, light and lock once the deposit has been paid. 


There is a £30 deposit required to secure the bike.

It costs £20 a month for the six month period. This will then become yours to keep.

Personal travel plans

Specific transport information can be given to you to help you find times on public transport, which will assist to get you to work on time. Short term bus passes are available.

How to apply

Apply online or call us on: 01785 276730 to apply for a moped loan, bicycle loan or advice about car sharing and personal travel plans.

You can also get in contact via email: wheelstowork@staffordshire.gov.uk

You will be encouraged to begin a regular savings plan to help secure a long term solution to your transport needs after help from Wheels to Work ceases (after six months).  

Contact Us

Telephone: 01785 276730

Email: wheelstowork@staffordshire.gov.uk

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