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Local transport plan (LTP)

Our local transport plan sets out our policies, objectives and targets for improving transport.

It covers all modes of transport including walking, cycling, public transport, car based travel, freight, rail, the management and maintenance of its highway network, and the relationships between transport and issues such as the economy, community safety, environment and social inclusion.

Please note: All local transport authorities have a legal duty to produce and maintain an Local Transport Fund as outlined in the 'Transport Act 2000' (later amended by the 'Local Transport Act 2008').

Where can I view the plan?

You can view the whole plan below:

PDF Staffordshire Local Transport Plan 2011 to 2026 - Strategy Plan (3.7 MB)

Please note: The pdf above may not open in Internet Explorer. To open the document, you can save it by right clicking on the link, and selecting 'save target as'. Then you should be able to open the document from the place you saved it.

You can also find out more in the appendices.

District integrated transport strategies have also been published for the eight districts/ boroughs in Staffordshire. The strategies summarise the transport issues and priorities in each given area.

Why is the plan important?

  1. Almost everyone, every day, uses some part of the transport network and as such the Local Transport Plan, which sets out how we plan to manage, maintain and develop that network, is crucial.
  2. A high quality plan will be essential if we are to secure additional (non-local transport plan) funding.
  3. We have a responsibility to ensure that all communities in Staffordshire are broadly in support of our plan's policies and planned improvements. 
  4. It will have strong links with our sustainable community strategy and the strategic aims - in particular, its economic, social and environmental objectives.

How will this Local Transport Plan be different to the last one?

The key differences between the current plan and the previous two are:

  • It will cover a longer period.
  • It will cover the entire administrative area of Staffordshire County Council.
  • There is no legal requirement to produce a separate bus strategy.
  • The government will not formally assess the plan, set mandatory targets or require us to send monitoring reports.

In addition, we have a legal duty to:

Please note: The pdfs above may not open in Internet Explorer. To open the documents, you can save them by right clicking on the links, and selecting 'save target as'. Then you should be able to open the documents from the place you saved it.

How will the Local Transport Plan be structured?

The Local Transport Plan is split into two documents:

The strategy plan

The strategy plan sets out our objectives and policies for managing local transport and infrastructure. It covers:

  • all modes of transport (including walking, cycling, public transport, car based travel, rail and freight),
  • the management and maintenance of the local highway network
  • and the relationship between transport and wider strategic issues such as the economy, community safety, the environment and social inclusion.

The Local Transport Plan's main objectives, which will contribute towards these wider strategic issues, are:

  • Supporting growth and regeneration.
  • Maintaining the highway network.
  • Making transport easier to use and places easier to get to.

Other Local Transport Plan objectives include:

  • Improving safety and security.
  • Reducing road transport emissions and their effects on the highway network.
  • Improving health and quality of life.
  • Respecting the environment.

The implementation plan

The implementation plan covers the period from April 2011 to March 2015. It sets out our plans for transport delivery in the context of the resources expected to be available during this period; it identifies the areas of service provision that we will be unable to fund at previous levels given the current financial situation.

The Implementation Plan also describes the arrangements in place for overseeing Local Transport Plan delivery and ensuring that it remains on track to meet its objectives.

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