Winter travel

Our winter operations plays a crucial role for the county, helping to keep as many people as possible safely on the move.

Here you can find out more about the role about what the highways teams does and what you can do to help keep yourself, your family and your neighbours safe this winter.


Winter “officially” starts for the county council on the third Monday of October. This gives us time to put our army of gritting machines through their paces so they are ready to roll when needed.

With a road network stretching across 6,400km we focus on the key roads first, known as the primary network, and switch to an extended network when prolonged ice is expected into daytime or if there is snow.

You can see the roads covered on the primary network by looking at our interactive gritting route map.

In order to keep the road network moving in Staffordshire our Highways Team has a number of sophisticated tools and equipment including;

  • Around 40 Gritters + snow ploughs
  • Salt bins / piles
  • More than 20,000 tonnes of salt 
  • Ice prediction weather stations across the county

Driving in winter

Our gritters do a fantastic job keeping the roads clear of snow and ice. However, it is worth remembering that gritting doesn’t magically make ice or snow disappear. It is crucial that everyone takes extra care on the roads in the winter and drive to the conditions.

You should take a look at our winter driving guide if you need to make a journey in wintery conditions.

Helping to clear snow and ice

Our winter operations also supports people to clear snow and ice themselves.

We provide advice and grit for a number of volunteer Ice Busters who clear pathways in Staffordshire. You can volunteer or find out more about the Ice Busters scheme on our website.

We also have guidance for people who want to clear snow and ice themselves and our
interactive gritting route map also details where you can find grit bins to grit public highways.

Other Winter Information


You can keep up to date with the latest school closures here. These are updated by head teachers directly and you can also find out more by tuning into your local radio.

Social media

You can get live updates by following us on Twitter @staffordshirecc or following the special hashtag #wmgrit

Winter Services Policy

PDF Document Winter service policy (270 KB)

Contact Us

If you notice a problem with a path or road, you can report it online or contact us.

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