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Grit bins

The salt/sand mix in the yellow salt bins is to be used on roads and pavements only. They are not for private use.

Careful consideration is given to where grit bins are placed so that they are present in places where additional gritting may be required. By using grit from the yellow bins on anything other than public highways you could potentially put road users at risk, should the bin run out of grit.

If you wish to clear your driveway or footpaths, salt can be purchased from local building suppliers and DIY stores. Or, as an alternative, you can use table salt or dishwasher salt.

Location of grit bins

The interactive gritting route map highlights grit bins nearest to your postcode.

Request a grit bin to be refilled

The grit bins will be replenished just as soon as the crews are back in the location.

If a grit bin near you needs refilling, you can report this to us quickly by going to Report It. To log a refil request, select 'Report a new fault', 'Weather related' and 'Grit bin refill'.

Request a new grit bin

If you do not have a grit bin near you, you can request to have one installed. You can do this by filling out the online form at Report It. To request a new grit bin, select 'Report a new fault', 'Weather related' and 'New grit bin'.


Locations which qualify for grit bins have been risk assessed against a set of criteria that includes but is not limited to:

  • Steep gradients
  • Severe bends
  • Junctions onto major routes

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