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What is happening?

In December 2013, the Government announced a major infrastructure investment to upgrade the A50 Growth Corridor around Uttoxeter and support economic growth in the area.

The overall improvements will consist of two projects A & B.  Work is now underway on Project A which is being delivered by Staffordshire County Council on behalf of the Department for Transport. The A50 trunk road is managed by Highways England.

Highways England is currently reviewing the overall scope and funding of the A50 Uttoxeter scheme.

When did work start?

A planning application for Project A was submitted on 30 May 2014 and a condition of the multi-million pound investment was that work must start no later than 2015/16. 

A Public Inquiry was held in 2015 to enable the land required for the improvements to be obtained.

Construction started in early 2016.

Why are the improvements needed?

The A50 Growth Corridor is a Highways England scheme aimed at easing congestion and supporting economic growth. The A50 is already supporting traffic flow to businesses such as JCB and Alton Towers and the investment is needed to support significant businesses and housing growth in East Staffordshire.

JCB, for example, has announced major expansion plans, which could create up 2,500 jobs in Staffordshire and many more in the supply chain, and developer Uttoxeter Estates has submitted a planning application for 700 new houses and a business park development to the west of Uttoxeter, creating 1900 new jobs.

In total it is expected that the two projects could support the creation of 7,500 jobs and 1,800 news homes in and around Uttoxeter.

What changes are being made?

Project A: Western Junction

The first project will include the construction of a completely new junction to the west of Uttoxeter. This junction will provide access to the proposed housing and business park to the south of the A50, and the existing and new JCB factories to the north of the A50. The planning application has now been approved.

Project B: Eastern Junction

Whilst an early indicative design for Project B was previewed during the Project A public consultation, the scope and funding has yet to be decided.

What are the benefits?

The investment in the A50 Growth Corridor aims, to:

  • Support the creation of around 7,500 jobs along the A50 corridor around Uttoxeter and the wider area
  • Help ease congestion and reduce journey times – around 37,000 vehicles use the A50 on a daily basis
  • Support the development of 1,800 homes in and around Uttoxeter.
  • Boost the local, regional and national economy
  • Improve road safety

What will be the impact on people living close to the A50?

We have been talking to residents and businesses who may potentially be directly affected by the projects and will continue to do this as plans progress.

As always our experienced major projects team will manage traffic to help keep disruption to an absolute minimum during the construction stages.

What about flooding in the area?

The council has produced a flood risk assessment and will produce a flood model for the Projects. Any use of land which is currently in the flood plain will be compensated and mitigation measures put in place where appropriate.

Where can I find out more?

You can find out more by contacting the A50 Growth Corridor Project Team at

How can I have a say on the proposals?

The consultation on the A50 Growth Corridor has now closed. This consultation ran from the 24 February to the 10 March 2014 and focussed primarily on proposals for Project A.  Further informtion on Project B will be provided in due course.

What changes have you made as a result of the consultation?

As a result of the A50 Growth Corridor public consultation and further design work by the county council, the following amendments to the proposed plan for Project A will be made:

Retention of The Parks restaurant site – the A522 will be realigned around the main building of The Parks site, although some land from the edge of the site will still be required.

The concerns of residents of New Road have been noted and the county council will conduct a detailed traffic impact assessment and incorporate relevant mitigation measures where appropriate (e.g. traffic calming, pedestrian crossing, etc.).

The county council will also be taking measures to improve footpath and cycle path connections within the boundaries of the project.

Full details of the public consultation are available in the report submitted with the planning application.


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