Pedestrian crossings

You can request the following crossings: central refuges, zebra, puffin or toucan crossings.

Requesting a crossing

Please contact us to discuss any issues that could be resolved by using methods other than crossings.

Please note: A pedestrian crossing will only be considered if other traffic calming measures are not effective.

If you would still like to request a crossing you should ask for support from your local Councillor. You would then need to make your request for pedestrian crossings in writing to:

Customer Service Centre
2 Staffordshire Place
Tipping Street
ST16 2DH

What happens when a request is made?

When you request a crossing we will look into the following:

  • Accident records involving pedestrians
  • amount of traffic (both vehicles and pedestrians)
  • any difficulties faced from traffic speed
  • how long pedestrians have to wait to cross the road
  • the location (close to schools or stations)
  • what type of crossing would be best

Report a problem

If you notice an issue with a pedestrian crossing, including any problems with lighting, you can report the issue online.

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