A dropped kerb will only be installed where it is safe to do so and where it does not interfere with the safety of the highway.

Works on the highway can only be undertaken by an insured accredited contractor, the contractor is required to obtain a Permit to Dig and it is necessary that we can ensure that the contractor has registered the necessary insurance.

An inspection will be carried out by the county council whilst the works a being done, a further inspection will take place within 6 months after completion.

The contractor must

  • Be registered with Staffordshire County Council's Network Management Register.
  • Hold public liability insurance for the sum of £5million with no limit on the number of claims. Both applicant and Staffordshire County Council will supply appropriate insurance certificates.
  • Employees must be trained and accredited to the requirements of the Codes of practice set out in the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991.

Contractors are required to provide 20 days notice of proposed works.

Word Document Work specification for contractor (76 KB)


All applications are recorded by the highway authority and approvals are valid for 3 years. Works can be carried out at any time during these 3 years which is why it is important for the contractor to apply for a Permit to Dig at the time of works so that we are aware of when the necessary works are to be carried out.

Removal of access

Failure to comply with these requirements could result with the highway authority removing the access and reinstating the highway back to its original condition. In these cases, a notice will be sent to the landowner a minimum of seven days before any works can take place. If there is no response from the landowner the highway authority will instruct works to commence and all costs can be recharged to the property.

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