Diagram showing required visibility distances for a dropped kerb.When applying for a vehicle access crossing you must take into consideration of adequate visibility. Depending on the speed limit of the road, you will need to make sure that when leaving the access the driver must be able to see approaching vehicles travelling along the roadway from both directions at a minimum distance of 2 metres back from the edge of the carriageway. This is marked as X and Y distance on the diagram.

A driver's view of the roadway must not be unobstructed and not restricted by objects such as hedges or walls; this is shown as the envelope of visibility in the diagram. The distance that the driver is required to see along the roadway will depend on the speed limit of the road. 

The table below shows the speed limit of a road and length of visibility that is required.

Speed Limit of road (MPH)  Length of visibility (Metres) 
20  33
30  70 
40  120
50  160 
60 215 

Pedestrian visibility

Diagram showing required visibility for pedestrians.Pedestrian visibility is also another factor that needs to be considered when applying for a dropped kerb. Visibility for pedestrians are required to allow drivers to see pedestrians as they emerge from their access road, driveways or parking area and to allow pedestrians to see the vehicle.

Within the red zones indicated within the diagram obstructions such as walls or hedges must be kept below maximum height of 600mm from ground level. 





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