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Please provide as much information as possible to support your application. A map showing exactly which road and the location of your property is required and if possible it would be helpful to include a sketch of your proposed access to the property with dimensions included.

Please note: If you submit an application knowing that certain conditions cannot be met your application with be refused and the administration charge is not refundable.


PDF Document Dropped kerb example sketch (306 KB)

Property owner

An application for a dropped kerb will only normally be considered when applied by the landowner, therefore you are required to state that you are the landowner on the application form. If you are a tenant you will require the permission from the relevant landlord.

Planning permission

If you live on either an A road, B road or C road you will require planning permission. In such cases, please contact your local borough/district council, who can advise you of the procedure. During this time we will be unable to process applications until permission is granted. 

Room required within your property

For domestic access you must:

  • have sufficient room on your property for a vehicle to be parked without overhanging the highway. Desirable distance from the highway is 6 metres and the absolute minimum is 4.8 metres.

For commercial access you must:

  • have sufficient room on the premises to cater for all types of vehicle that are likely to use the premises. There should be sufficient room for all types of vehicles to turn around within the off highway areas.


For domestic access a crossing will not be approved, or an existing access widened, so that it will cover the width of the property. Standard width of a dropped kerb is 2.75 metres. You can request for your access to be widened but must state on application the reason.

For a commercial access the width of crossing must be appropriate for the types of vehicles and standard use of the access.

Reasons for refusal

  • A dropped kerb will generally not be approved within 15 metres of a road junction, or traffic signals crossing.
  • Where an existing bus stop could be in the way of the proposed dropped kerb. The highway authority may consider relocating the stop as long as there is a suitable alternative available. The alternative location must be within 50 metres, in either direction of the existing stop.
  • A dropped kerb will not be approved from a layby or other designated parking areas. 

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