Vehicle Access Crossing - Online Application Form

  • Name and Address of Applicant (for correspondence)
  • Name
  • Is the address of the property where the crossing is required different from above?
  • Address of property where crossing is required
  • Do you own this property (that requires the access)?
  • If you answered no, do you have consent from the owner for the works to be carried out?
  • Location
  • Is the road classified as an A, B or C road?
  • Use of access
  • Will any heavy commercial vehicles or heavy plant use the crossing?
  • Payment
    On receipt and registration of your application, we will contact you for card payment details.
  • Acceptance of application
  • I request permission for a vehicle crossing in accordance with the above information.
  • I have read and understood the Information Pack and understand the requirements and conditions that must be met in order for a Vehicle Access Crossing to be approved.
  • I understand that the fee is non-refundable












There are no results that match your criteria.

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