Installation of private apparatus (section 50 licence)

What is a section 50 licence?

A section 50 licence allows a private individual to place or maintain apparatus in the highway. It may be needed for works to private drains and sewers as well as private gas, electricity and water services.

A licence can run for a limited period time, or for an undetermined period. If the duration is undetermined, the landowner is responsible for ensuring that the licence is amended if their land is sold to another party.

Before applying please read the Pdf.private apparatus information pack (162 KB)

How much does it cost?

A private licence for apparatus in the highway costs £345.

A permit to dig is also required for any works and will cost an additional £230 in an unclassified street and not in a pedestrianised zone or £332 in a classified street (A, B, C) or in a pedestrianised zone.  Plus £160 for each additional 200m length of road.  Find out more about permits to dig.

How can I apply?

Please read the guidance and complete the application form at the bottom of the PDF Documentprivate apparatus information pack (162 KB).

Please email completed forms to, or post it to:

Network Control Hub, 
2 Staffordshire Place, 
Tipping Street, 
ST16 2DH

Please contact us for further information and guidance.

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