Permissions and licences

Who needs permission to work on the Highway?

Only statutory undertakers have permission to work on the highway. If you're not a statutory undertaker you must apply for a licence or a permit to work on the highway.

Statutory undertakers are organisations who have a legal right to work on the highway and include highways authorities, water, sewerage, rail and bridge authorities, electricity, gas, telecommunication providers and other government authorities.

How we can help

We can help with the following:

We can help organisations who are not statutory undertakers with Major and Minor Work Agreements to construct new improvements and alterations on the public highway.

We can also issue the following permits to registered organisations:

Further information is available to register your organisation.

Parking Bay Suspensions

When working in the highway, you may require a number of parking bays to be suspended. If you do require parking bays to be suspended, you will need to erect parking bay suspension signs in line with the specifications set out by the DfT. Please see approved plan:   

Please note there is a £30.00 application review fee for a Parking Bay Suspension.

You will also need to apply for a parking waiver for all vehicles which park within the bay, please use the application form on the Parking Waivers webpage.

More information is available in our policy below:

 Permissions & Licences Policy and Guidance (356 KB) 

What we don't do

Please contact your district or borough council with enquiries about any of the following:

  • On street trading.
  • Advertising boards.
  • Street cafés.

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