Residential Design Guide

In 2000 we worked with Staffordshire Borough and District councils to publish a residential design guide.

What is the guide for?

The purpose of this guide is to bring together everything that helps towards a clear housing layout design. This is so that residential developments are sustainable and unified.

The guide is flexible enough to allow roads to be designed in inventive ways, as long as it works with the form, proportion and layout of new development.

Where can I view the guide?

The guide is available to download as a single document, or in smaller parts.


The guide is supported by a series of technical appendices, as follows:

To discuss the guidance in connection with specific proposals please contact the development control officer for the area.

Additional Information

Below, we offer a number of additional services concerning New Road Agreements (Section 38 Highways Act 1980). For more information you can contact us at:

Copy of s38 Agreements        £10.00         Licence to Plant - s142 of the Highways Act 1980 £52.00
Copy of s38 Bond £5.00   Licence to place notice boards etc in the highway - s115e of the Highways Act 1980 £104.00
Copy of Exemption Notice £10.00   Licence to Plant for Parish Councils for flower beds - s96 Highways Act 1980 £104.00
General Correspondence £25.00   Licence to place benches in highway - s14 Public Health Act 1925 £104.00


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