Roads and highways

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Report a problem

Report a new road fault or check the status of an existing report.

Look up scheduled road works

Get information on roadworks being completed in your area.

Get gritting routes and grit bin information

See the map of treated routes and grit bin locations.

Apply for a dropped kerb

Find out how to apply for a vehicle access crossing (dropped kerb).

Get permission or a licence

Information on applying for access protection markings and more.

Find out about pothole repairs

Get information on recent repairs and enquiries generating works.

Pay an on-street parking fine

Find out how to pay.

Pay a bus lane penalty fine

Find out how to pay.

Appeal against a fine

Answers to questions on how to make an appeal.

Make a highway record enquiry

Find out what's available, how to apply and the costs.

Check on traffic regulation orders

Information on proposed, temporary and permanent orders.

Contact the highways team

Details on how to get in contact.

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