Highway record enquiries

What are highway records?

Highway records are information about highways in Staffordshire. These can either be highways which are maintained at public expense or by another person or body.

The information we hold includes:

  • the status and extent of the highway (excluding motorways and trunk roads),
  • relevant adoption records,
  • road schemes,
  • traffic schemes,
  • public rights of way,
  • common land and village greens.

The team can undertake land and property searches, local authority searches, and personal searches.

How much does an enquiry cost?

The cost of making an enquiry varies depending on what information you need. Find out more about the fees and charges of making an enquiry.

You can use our free online road status search for finding out the status of a road or maintenance status.

How do I make an enquiry?

For all highway record enquiries please contact us.

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