Real Time Passenger Information

Bus users in Stafford, Burton and Newcastle can look forward to easier bus travel with the introduction of Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) – live information at stops.

Electronic display screens have already been fitted to over sixty of the busiest stops in these areas. Additional funding has been obtained to bring RTPI to Tamworth as well.


How does Real Time Passenger Information Work?

RTPI tracks where each bus is on its route and predicts exactly what time it will actually arrive at each stop.

How is Real Time information displayed?

The live information tells you how long you will need to wait for the next bus and takes into account things like delays. On the screen live times will have the word 'min' afterwards and will tell you how many minutes before the bus arrives e.g. 18min.

The word 'due' will appear if a bus is about to arrive. 


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What is 'scheduled' information?

Sometimes it will be necessary to show 'scheduled' information. This is when the bus is timetabled to arrive, not necessarily when it will arrive, and the journey will disappear once the scheuled time is reached. Scheduled information will be shown using the standard 24 hour clock format e.g. 18:25


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David Perry Senior Facilities Manager at the County Hospital, Stafford commented “This is fantastic news for our staff, visitors and patients. The real time bus signs display up-to-date information which can prevent people feeling anxious about whether they have missed a bus or when the next one is due."


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