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Community and voluntary schemes

These are one of the most flexible forms of transport. The schemes run alongside existing public transport and in order to maintain these public services you should always try to use these wherever possible.

You can find out if there are any schemes in your local area.

Types of schemes

Voluntary Car Schemes

These schemes are usually run by local people for local people.

The drivers are all volunteers providing transport in their own cars for a small contribution towards the running costs.

Journeys are available to anyone unable to access public transport. The driver picks up the passenger from their home, takes them to their pre-booked destination and brings them back again if required.

Community Transport Schemes

These are local non-profit schemes that can operate car, minibus and adapted vehicle journeys. Passengers register beforehand and journeys offer shopping trips, day centre, luncheon club transport and days out. 

These schemes are supported by a combination of paid and voluntary staff and they have fare schemes depending upon the type of journey and distance.

Could you help?

Most of the voluntary car schemes are always on the lookout for new drivers. How much or how little time a volunteer is able to give is down to the individual but even if it's only a couple of hours a month this could still provide a vital lifeline for someone in your community who needs a journey.

If you enjoy driving, want to help out in your community and have some spare time then what are you waiting for?

Why should you volunteer?

A simple trip to the shops or an appointment at the doctors can be complicated, if not impossible, for some people. A lack of transport can lead to social isolation and make day-to-day life a lot more difficult and expensive.

Volunteer drivers come from all walks of life – some are retired people who want to keep busy, others are students eager to gain valuable work experience, others work and want to give a little something back to their community.

Volunteering benefits passengers, helping them to reach vital services and you get the chance to meet and help others within your community. It is a rewarding way to spend free time knowing you are making a significant difference to the lives of others.

What does a volunteer driver do?

A driver will typically take people who cannot access public transport to health appointments and other services such as shopping and social activities. Volunteers can donate their time and their wheels to help people:

  • attend medical appointments
  • visit friends or family in hospital
  • go shopping
  • visit Friends
  • make connections with buses or trains

It can take up as much or as little of your time as you want. Some volunteers do journeys several days a week, whilst others may just work one morning a month or less. If you enjoy driving, want to help out in your community and have some spare time then what are you waiting for?

Set up a scheme

If there is not a scheme operating in your area and you think there is a need for a scheme and a group of volunteers who are willing to run a scheme then please contact:

Kathryn Grattage, Transport Co-ordinator  
Telephone: 01785 895567      
Email: kathryn.grattage@staffordshire.gov.uk 

Debbie Wilkes, Transport Co-ordinator
Telephone: 01785 277046
Email: debbie.wilkes@staffordshire.gov.uk 

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