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Dial a ride and community and voluntary transport schemes

These services use smaller vehicles such as minibuses. They have some things in common with bus services, such as the fare charging, but only operate when booked.

You can travel anywhere within each service operating area. If you are travelling further you can connect with the local bus or train service.

Who can use the service?

Anyone living within the operating area who cannot access a local bus service. They may use this for any purpose.

In most cases the services pick up from a home address, if it is safe and practical to do so. It can also return passengers with a disability or those living in more isolated locations to their home address. 

Moorlands Connect

This offers transport in the Moorlands area surrounding the villages of Longnor, Warslow, Ilam, Butterton, Onecote, Waterhouses, Flash, Alton and Oakamoor.

For more information please see our Moorlands Connect Pages.

Border Car

This offers transport in the area to and from Market Drayton, or to one of three key interchange points at Baldwins Gate, Ashley and Loggerheads.

For more information, please see our Border Car page.

Community and voluntary schemes

These schemes run alongside existing public transport and in order to maintain these public services you should always try to use these wherever possible.

For more information, please see our Community and voluntary schemes page.

Set up a service

If you think there is a need for a service in your area, and know a group of volunteers who are willing to run it, please contact:

Kathryn Grattage,
Transport Co-ordinator
Telephone: 01785 895567
Email: kathryn.grattage@staffordshire.gov.uk 

Debbie Wilkes
Transport Co-ordinator
Telephone: 01785 277046
Email: debbie.wilkes@staffordshire.gov.uk 

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