Parking permits and zones

Blue badges

Blue Badges are for drivers, passengers or children with severe mobility problems and for those who are registered blind. The scheme allows badge holders to park close to their destination, but applies only to on-street parking.

Find out more about the Blue Badge.

Disabled persons parking bays

Disabled persons parking bays are markings to try and stop vehicles parking without displaying a Blue Badge.

Find out more about disabled persons parking bays.

Resident's parking permits

You will need a permit to park in an area that has a resident's parking zone scheme in place.

Find out more about resident parking permits.

Resident's parking zones

If your streets are always full of cars from out of the area a resident's parking scheme may help. These schemes allow parts of the road to be reserved for those with permits.

Find out more about resident's parking zones.

Parking waivers

Parking waivers can allow drivers to temporarily park in places which have parking or traffic restrictions. They are only granted in exceptional circumstances. 

Find out more about parking waivers.

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