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Please note: If your application for a parking waiver is approved, you will be asked to pay the required charge, and you may then pick up your waiver from:

Staffordshire Place 1,
Tipping Street,
ST16 2LP

Applications must be received a minimum of 5 working days before you want the waiver to start. Emergency situations are exempt from this notice period.

Find out more about parking waivers.

  • Company details
  • Contact details
  • Contact name
  • Details of the works
  • Vehicle details
  • Disclaimer
  • The information provided above is to the best of my knowledge a true statement of facts. I understand that if a permit is issued, it may be cancelled and withdrawn if these facts are found to be untrue, rendering my vehicle liable to receive a penalty charge notice. I/we also agree to pay the relevant charges associated with a parking waiver as required:

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