Resident's parking zone scheme

What is a resident's parking zone scheme?

The scheme ensures that part or all of the road space may be reserved for residents who hold valid permits. They are marked and sign posted, and civil enforcement officers make sure that the permit system is not abused.

Find out about how to get a residential parking permit if you live within an existing residential parking zone.

Please note: Permits will be processed and posted within 10 working days on completion of a satisfactory application form and payment has been received.

How much does it cost to set up?

There will be a joining fee once a scheme is set up, but this will be different for each scheme. The joining fee covers the cost of signs and road markings.

Once a scheme is set up you will also need to purchase a permit. Find out more about parking zone permits.

How do I apply for a New Parking Zone?

To apply for a new resident's parking zone, you must contact us to request a residents information pack and application form.

How often does it have to be renewed?

Every 12 months.

Can we have a second permit?

If there is enough space on the road you may be able to buy a second permit for your household. This would be on a first come first served basis.

Do I need a permit for a motorcycle?

Permits are not necessary for motorcycles as they would be difficult to display. Motorcycles will have a designated parking area where possible.

Further information

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