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Resident parking scheme permits


A resident parking scheme permit will allow you to park within an area that is registered as being a residential parking zone. You can apply for a permit if you are a resident or local business located within a residential parking zone.

Find out more about residential parking zones, or view existing resident parking zones.


If you already live in a resident's parking zone, you can purchase a permit. Permits can cost between £22.50 and £90 depending on what type is needed.

Find out more about the cost of permits.


Please make sure you are aware of what type of permit you need before applying.

Please note: the application form is for both new applications and renewals.

Apply online

The easiest way is to apply online.

Apply by post or email

If you cannot apply online you can also apply by sending a completed PDF Document resident's parking permit form (129 KB) to:

Email: clear.streets@staffordshire.gov.uk

Post: send your request to:

Regulation & Governance Unit
1 Staffordshire Place
ST16 2DH


Yes, on an annual basis. It is the permit holder's responsibility to make sure their permit is updated.  You can renew your permit online.


Individual parking bays will normally be provided within each zone but none will be specifically allocated to individual permit holders. There is no guarantee that permit holders will be able to park outside their property.

Vehicles must be parked wholly within a marked bay with no part of the vehicle spanning another marked bay. Incorrectly parked vehicles will make the permit holder liable to a penalty charge notice (PCN). 

The residents permit is not valid for any other parking zone.


If a permit holder moves to a new address within a different parking zone an application for a new permit will need to be made. Permits are not transferable.

If a permit holder moves to a new address within the same parking zone a replacement permit will not be needed. You will need to inform us of the details of your new address to us:

Email: clear.streets@staffordshire.gov.uk

Post: send your new details to:

Traffic regulation manager,
Wedgewood Building,
Tipping Street,
ST16 2DH.


Permit Holders who wish to change any of the details on their parking permit should contact clear.streets@staffordshire.gov.uk

As the scheme does require all vehicles to display a valid permit, residents should ensure that any change in details are provided in time for us to produce a permit for them. If they believe that a PCN has been unfairly issued then the details of how to appeal are given on the back of the PCN itself.

Multi-occupancy properties without off-street parking such as flats, apartments and student houses may be issued with one permit per 5 or less occupants, up to a maximum of three Permits.

If your business is in the resident parking zone then you may apply for up to 2 permits for the first 5 employees and 1 permit for every additional 5 employees, up to a maximum of 4 permits.


If you have a courtesy car that replaces your existing permit, a visitor permit will be issued free of charge effective for a period of no more than 18 days.

Proof of hire or loan of courtesy car will be needed, and no more than two of these types of permits will be issued within a 12 month period.

Where these vehicles are an addition to your own vehicle, a 2nd permit or standard visitors permit may be issued if circumstances allow.


Parking bays will generally be 2.4m wide with an absolute minimum of 1.8m where road width is limited.

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