We work in partnership with Stoke on Trent to help reduce illegal parking on the public adopted highway.

In their eagerness to park close to their destination illegal parkers can block roads, hinder emergency services, disrupt local businesses and put other road users and pedestrians at risk.

Top Tasks in Parking

    Pay an on-street parking fine

    Parking permits

    Disabled parking (Blue Badges)

    On-street parking locations

    Our responsibilities

How you can help

While we do our bit, you can help too by leaving your car at home whenever you can.  When we choose to drive is not an isolated issue - it affects our health, economy and the environment.

Pollution from transport is one of the biggest sources of carbon dioxide thought to be driving climate change - and the more we drive, the worse it gets.

Take a look at a car share scheme like Share-a-Lift which will put you in touch with people looking for suitable partners to share their cars with.

For other tips and advice visit our sustainable travel pages.

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