It’s easy to walk around Staffordshire because we’ve got more walking routes than ever. INTO walking-2-for-web

There are lots of great reasons to walk to work or school -

  • Healthier - you'll burn calories and get fitter as well as improving your long term health, just from walking a couple of journeys a week. Walking really sets children up for the school day.
  • Stress free - you'll blow away the cobwebs and avoid the traffic jams.
  • Affordable - you'll have a bit more money in your pocket at the end of the week with savings on fuel, parking or bus fares.
  • Convenient - you'll be totally in control when you're on foot, there's no timetable or peak times, no traffic jams or queuing for tickets, so you can be more flexible.
  • Enjoyable - we've got all sorts of great routes which go through nature reserves, along waterways, through parks and even castle grounds - a great way to start your day.  Find out about leisure and organised walks.

Visit walkit.comWalk it is a travel planning tool to help you put together a personalised plan for walking.  It gives you a route between any two points and calculates the journey time, calories burned, step count and carbon saving.  Use it on your computer or download it to your smartphone.

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