Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Printing


There is free WiFi access at all of our libraries. To use the WiFi for the first time, you will need to register at the library to get a password and sign an PDF Document Internet Use Registration Form (75 KB).  As the library wireless network is unsecured, we recommend that you do not transfer confidential information using it, such as financial details or passwords, and that your equipment has adequate security and anti-virus protection installed.

WiFi Printing

WiFi printing is now available in the following libraries:

Once you’ve got onto our WiFi network, speak to a member of staff in order to set up your printing privileges. After your initial setup, on future visits you can send your WiFi prints at any time, and come to the library counter to pay for and release your prints.

Standard printing charges apply.

Note: If you are using a PC or Android device, you will need to log in to a Google account and download their Printing app. Instructions for this are at hand at each of these libraries, and staff will be able to help.


For students, the Eduroam WiFi network is also available at all of our libraries, allowing you to connect to your university network. You do not need a library card to access Eduroam.

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