Services for middle and secondary schools

""Why Your School Should Use Our Services

  • Subscribing to Staffordshire SLS will save your school money!

The Schools' Library Service offers value for money.  With £675 you could only buy 81 new books but with the same amount of money you could hire 250 books (the Annual Subscription Core Collection) from the SLS Library Support collection.  You can also exchange 125 of these books, free of charge, during the year. 

  • The SLS provides quick and easy access to a wide range of high quality resources.
  • The SLS offers specialist advice.

""Annual Subscription Core Collection

Subscribe to the Annual Subscription Core Collection to borrow books at a discounted rate. The Core Collection entitles you to:

  • 250 fiction books from the SLS Library Support Collection.Exchange 125 books free of charge each year.  You can include within your selection up to 20 fiction books to support the Staffordshire Young Teen Fiction Award (YTF).
  • Discounted prices for individual services from SLS. You can supplement your Core Collection with additional resources and/or advisory services at discounted rates.

Standalone Individual Options

If you do not wish to subscribe to the Annual Subscription Core Collection you can choose standalone individual options from our range of resources and advisory services.

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