Services for primary and special schools

Why your School should use our services

  • Subscribing to the SLS will save you money!

It is far more cost effective to borrow resources and exchange these regularly than it is to buy them and then have to replace them as subject requirements change or when the material becomes dated.

Example: Given that the average cost of a children's book is £8.43, a Band E school can buy only 163 full price new books with £1,374. With the same amount of money it could borrow 579 SLS reading for pleasure core collection books or 960 SLS topic books (32 one term resources).

  • The SLS provides quick and easy access to a wide range of high quality resources.
  • The SLS offers specialist advice and practical help.

Annual Subscription Package

Take out our Annual Subscription Package to receive services at discounted rates. Build the package by choosing whichever combination of services you require up to the packaqe subscription cost from the following options:

You can top up the package elements with additional resources and/or advisory services as needed. Resources provided above the package cost will be charged at the discounted rates.

Standalone Individual Options

You can subscribe to SLS services without having to buy the Annual Subscription Package. Instead, you can choose standalone individual options from our range of resources and advisory services.

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